Sunday, December 15, 2013

News & Notes From The Past Week

I can't wait for this movie. Even if it's coming way too late.

It's been a while since I've written anything around here. Not that I haven't wanted to, but I can't seem to find a topic worth discussing. At least something to discuss at length. But the bug is biting pretty darn hard, so I decided to simply touch upon some of the recent happenings with the Yankees.

  • Yankee fans were all atwitter, and they tweeted a lot too, regarding Robinson Cano saying he wasn't shown any respect by the Yankees. I don't think this is a case where Robbie felt that he was actually disrespected, like Brian Cashman wouldn't return his calls or laughed at him for some reason. I think this was a case where Cano simply didn't think the Yankees offered him what he was worth. Personally, I think the Yankees did offer him what he is worth. Face it, Robbie has never won an MVP, and never led the league in any batting category. So why pay him close to A-Rod money? The fact is... the Mariners overpaid.
  • The Yankees lost out on Omar Infante, who was easily the best free agent second baseman. That's too bad, but it's hardly a big deal. Sure, I wanted to see the Yankees sign Omar, but he's hardly a guy worth shedding tears over losing. It's highly unlikey that he repeats his 2013 season, as his triple-slash of .318/.345/.450 was way higher than his career marks. Not to mention that the team seems to be putting together a pretty good offense. So avoiding a four-year contract for a player over 30 is okay with me. Besides, the Yankees have some trade chips, so acquiring a second or third baseman (with Kelly Johnson taking the other spot) could very-well happen.
  • Boone Logan and Joba Chamberlain signed with the Colorado Rockies and Detroit Tigers, respectively. Yeah, this is as close to non-news as it comes. While I'm happy to see Joba gone, there are three reasons I'm okay with the loss of Boone Logan... David Huff, Cesar Cabral, and Vidal Nuno.
  • Thank you, Mr. Cashman, for not dealing away Brett Gardner for Brandon Phillips. Phillips is an A+ defender, but his bat has gone down in each of the last three seasons. Having a 32-year old for another four years and $50 million is not awesome. Actually, Phillips has been on my fantasy baseball team for the past couple of years, and if I kept him again I'd have another Yankee on the team. That would be cool... I guess.
  • Speaking of Gardner, I would only deal him if the team got something good to great back. I've heard a #4 starter or higher, but even that wouldn't be enough for me. Not because I think Gardy is worth that a ton, but because the team has plenty of guys that could fill the #4 spot. They should be looking to acquire a #2 or #1 starter, not a bottom of the rotation one. And if a young second or third baseman could be had for Gardner, then so be it.
  • I didn't see the press conference when he said it, but knowing how playful Curtis Granderson can be, I'm sure he was joking when he said that real New Yorkers are Mets fans. Hell, I wouldn't be surprised to find out it was a backhanded complement, since being a Mets fan is so hard since the team stinks.
  • The Rule V Draft happened and... I don't care. Knowing how few Rule V Draft picks actually do something in MLB, I've probably already spent too much time discussing it.
  • Major League Baseball is moving towards banning home plate collisions. While some baseball purists are up in arms over this, saying that home plate collisions are part of the game, I say "balderdash". Well, I would actually use word other than "balderdash", but this is a family website. Player safety should be rule #1, no matter what level of sport you're in. We've seen too many former athletes suffer from head injuries. Even if this rule only prevents one player from suffering due to getting a serious concussion, then it's a good one. 
  • I can't help but laugh at some of the people figuratively standing up and applauding Joe Torre for being elected to the Hall of Fame. It's not because he doesn't deserve it, it's that I remember a ton of Yankee fans and writers saying he was overrated due to having great teams to manage. As if anybody could do what Torre did. It's a lot of the same people that used to bash George Steinbrenner for meddling too much in baseball operations, only to say they wish he was around today.
  • Finally, I think it's incredible that the Yankees are going to honor Nelson Mandela by giving him a plaque in Monument Park. Some may wonder what he has to do with the Yankees, well Mr. Mandela gave a speech in Yankee Stadium back in 1990. Either way, if Jackie Robinson deserves one for what he did for blacks in Major League Baseball, Mr. Mandela deserves one for what he's done for humankind. Whether it was baseball, or life in general, the lessons he taught people will live on forever.
I don't know if this will become a weekly thing, but I'd really like to write more than I have lately. Of course, if enough people comment, perhaps I'll be forced to continue this. Not that I'm begging for comments or anything. LOL

Have a good one, Yankees fans!


  1. First to comment!

    1) What is this twitter you speak of?

    2) I have never been impressed with Omar Infante...I'm fine with KJ...that's what I'm going to start calling him to see if it catches on...

    3) Joba is gone...unfortunately he went to my 2nd favorite team...ugh...

    4) I could care less if BP came to the would definitely make things more dramatic and maybe take some of the A-Rod heat off since Brandon knows how to get people talking about him.

    5) Curtis be

    6) Is there a Rule VI draft?

    7) Now that the Yankees have Brian McCann I say bring on the collisions!

    8) Joe Torre deserves the Hall as much as Don Mattingly. There I said it.

    9) The Yanks are a class-act organization and I would expect nothing less that what they did for Mandela's memory.

  2. Here is a Comment... now do it weekly

  3. Bryan Van Dusen...
    I sometimes disagree with you on things but, your writing skill is not one of them! So I along with many others (I'm sure) say; "Bring it on"!
    Joe Torre, is one of the disagreements. I think he was the right guy (NY guy, and media savvy) in the right place at the right time! That's it, his record other than with the Yankees, is bad to terrible!
    He let his self-worth over weigh his talent and got fired the PC way! When one thinks they are more valuable to the team than your boss (and the players) ignores said boss when given orders to do something...what happens, are replaced!
    It seems to me; for the last 10-15+/- years, the voting for the HoF is a popularity vote not a talent and accomplishments vote!


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