Thursday, December 26, 2013

Yankees Stadium Legacy: #96 Alex Rodriguez

Alex Rodriguez joined the New York Yankees in 2004 coming off an MVP award in 2003 with the Texas Rangers. Alex would win the award again, this time in pinstripes, in both 2005 and 2007. His 2007 campaign was a memorable one as Alex hit 54 home runs, scored 143 times, and drove in 156 RBI's.

96 more days to Opening Day.


  1. If America can accept a lying, misleading, incompetent president........ and re-elect him.
    And, to this day... no one knows for sure where this guy was born.
    Then for sure, they should be able to accept an apology from Alex Rodriguez, and move forward.
    The key word..." If ". I may be giving some Americans too much credit.

    1. America forgives this leader because the news outlets not named Fox News tells them it's ok. Just like I have been saying since the beginning, once MLB Network and ESPN say it's ok to forgive all steroid users, even Alex Rodriguez, remember where you heard it first.

    2. What? Obama's a great president you racist(just kidding)!
      In all seriousness though, you put this whole thing in a new perspective for me. I still won't forgive A-Rod for doing steroids twice, but I guess that could change at any time

    3. What A-Rod did was unforgivable, in my eyes...I am set in my right and wrong gray at all!
      What Andy did was less of a problem to, not because he is said to have NOT lied about it! The truth is, he did lie about it then came back and admitted did A-Rod!
      The big difference is "Talent" Andy was a good pitcher with better than avg. talent.
      A-Rod, on the other hand was(is) a great player with unmatched all around "Talent"

      By the way, A-Rod only tested positive Texas! Not once after that!

    4. I don't think the amount of talent really has anything to do with it. If everyone is doing it than wouldn't A Rod have to do it to stay better then everyone else?If players can do it to be great then players should be able to do it to stay great with no prejudice.

    5. Damn it..I spent 3 weeks of my time writing a reply to your reactionary supposition about talent!

      And the dogs jumped into my lap and I hit the Delete button...poof, all gone as are the dogs!
      Right, in my wildest dreams, they might be gone! LOL

    6. Damn dogs. I hate dogs, lol. I did before this too.

  2. JEFF BAKER...Texas Rangers...Free Agent...Utility player...Lefty Masher...where he went ?

    "Where he went ?"....funny phrasing use by my Dominican friends, while working in
    College Point, NY......Like....Twasp, where he went?

    Back to Baker...The Greedys kicked him around for 24 hours, a few weeks back
    ....and psssssst! .. just like that, gone. No mention anywhere.
    I know the agent is Scott Boras. So it could / should be a money issue.
    But Baker CAN hit. and hit with power. Plays outfield, or infield.
    So, where he went ?

  3. fugetaboutit !!....some times I am a complete dumb ass.

    Went searching for Jeff Brown today. You know, the one they call the masher of lefties. Masher may
    to strong of an adjective. That's there term. Mine...playground bully.
    Here's a capsule of the mashers work, as he sits in free agent limbo.
    — Player Notes
    The Yankees are interested in free agent infielder Jeff Baker, reports the New York Post.

    Advice: Baker elected to become a free agent in mid-October after being designated for assignment by the Rangers. New York would like to add another utility infielder capable of handling third base. The 32-yer-old Baker slashed .279/.360/.545 with 11 home runs in 74 games this past season with Texas and has a reputation as a lefty-killer.....( now it's killer, not masher....Jesus )

    1. Yankees won't be signing anyone, Reynolds, Drew, Baker, no one, until they learn what is going on with Alex Rodriguez.


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