Friday, January 24, 2014

Bring Maw Den a Peashootah, 'cause #MongoNation is on the move, uhkay? The (in)complete history of #MongoNation.

*all typos are in Zaunglish. Only Mongos would get it. Everyone else, I hope you have a sense of humor, otherwise "get lawst...and do some charity werk, uhkay?"

Yesterday, a case just over six years old finally received closure, as Eric Rivera Jr., the man who murdered Sean Taylor back in November 2007, was sentenced to 57 years in prison. I want to go back to the immediate aftermath of Taylor's tragic death for an entirely different reason however. On December 2nd, 2007, the "sportspope" YouTube account posted a video of Mike and the Mad Dog "dissecting" (a.k.a. drawing the entirely wrong conclusions on motive) the Sean Taylor murder case. Before this, plenty of radio hosts like Don Imus would get tape of Mike and Doggy fighting on the air and laugh and make fun of them, but to me, this video is one of the first RECORDED moments of Mike, well, being Mike on da aih.

I thought that it was ironic that the beginning of what has turned into a colossal social media powerhouse began with Sean Taylor, and today, the day after his murderer has finally been brought to justice and thrown behind bars, Mike Francesa, for the first time, historically drew attention, in a POSITIVE LIGHT, to his vast "cult following," (as he called it) #MongoNation.

I've been listening to Zaun (da artist fawmally known as "Dupp") on WFAN since I was a little kid. I knew he was a must listen after a Yankee championship, a Jet loss, or even better, a Jets win/Giants loss weekend. Never could I have imagined that TEN, let alone, a "yooge" group of people followed, adored, hell (da heck), WORSHIPPED da Spawts Pope like I did. #MongoNation is a family, hands down.

There were the impressionists over the years; people in their cars tawkin Jeetuh in their best Francesa Lawn Guyland accents, the "Racist Francesa" that called into Opie and Anthony every once in a while. There were the parody websites that went on for years since Mike and Dog first got the YES simulcast. Then, Mike Franceser (@mikefranceser) introduced us to a whole new vocabulary: "Georgia Roddy," "Mock Tecks Shearer,""Joper Turnah." Then came the definitive videos from @WFANAudio. But like all fan clubs, it went a step further. One twittuh dared wonder, "There's a Mike Francesa in all of us. What would he have been tawkin about during some of Americar's most historic moments?"

Yes, @BizzaroZaun and WaitUhSeckin Productions traveled back to the past to see Mike compare General Cornwallis to Alexander the Great like Derek Jeter to Mickey Mantle. It was back then that the first John Hancock joke was invented, who woulda thought?! Mike didn't know who Al Albuquerque was in 2011; he didn't know who Harriet Tubman was in 1862! Guys, did you know that before he became a SF Giants fan, Mad Dog was a fan of the Germans?! It's amazing how we learn something new every day.

We've even put Mike in different cities after teams lose in the playoffs. Never have I been more upset than the day the Miami Heat beat the Spurs in Game 7, more because the would-be classic #MiamiZaun hashtag and audio had to be put to bed. Hopefully the Pacers beat them in the Eastern Conference Finals...and hopefully we have #SeattleZaun by 10 p.m. next Sunday. Never have I been more happy then the day I was knighted by @WFANAudio with my Zaun-style nickname, Kneeled Wire.

Over time, we Mike Zaun fans have watched our feahless leader grow from just an ordinary talk show host analyzing batting averages (Albert Belle) to exercising authority over some of the first mongos (ANDY PETTITE IS A STARTIN PITCHAH; HE'S MARIANO RIVERA!) and fellow employees (It's nevah youah, Jim; PETAH, YOOSE YA NOOGIN...uh YA NOODLE HEAH!) His hahd-hittin analysis has transcended time and space, and has even caused some of the best athletes in New Yawk (Revis) to stop in awe and wonderment of Pope Zaun (just kidding, Revis hung up on him.)

Mike has also taught us the value of honor and standing up for what you believe in. No one in the media (that I've seen) has defended A-Rod except Mike. Mike's seen that the baseball machine has sought out a scapegoat for their misdeeds, and has fought with every writer on the air, much to the delight of the fans (great radio!)

If I had to try and describe the relationship between the fans and Mike, I'd call it a brother-brother (Harbaw-Harbaw) relationship. Mike's the little brother that the older brother has to toughen up and make fun of, but if anyone (Michael Kay, Keith Olbermann, ESPN) tries to pick a fight, the fans are the first to step in and defend Zaun. This family of #MongoNation has grown from die-hard Francesa fans to include writers like Bernie Augustine, (Bernie got to interview the @mikefranceser guys for the Daily News) Brian Monzo (Mike's producer), a true friend of #MongoNation interacting with mongos every day, and even introducing Mike to the "Numbah One" Francesacon shirt, (as if Mike didn't already know about it) and even Mike's own family, who as he said loved the shirts!

#MongoNation is such a force that all the Zaun hashtags have repeatedly trended nationally!

This is the incomplete Mongo Nation history. There will be many more years of laughs, song parodies and love for New Yawk's Numbah One. The day he retires will be a day of mourning for us all. Radio will never sound the same without that re-assuring, grandfatherly voice full of wisdom at 1 p.m. telling all of New Yawk (and the country via the YES Network) that Mike's on. We'll still listen on the radio during his brief TV departure, only to be huddled up by our televisions once again to watch da Pope sit back in his chaih, chug some Diet Coke (DC) stare into the camera and remind everyone that he'll be "Back Aftah Dis."

Neil Dwyer @neildwyer1993

P.S. If you haven't got it by now, Mike Zaun="Mike's On"+ a thick Lawn Guyland accent.


  1. I have defended A Rod.. guess I don't count. Or i'm not in the media. Whichever.

    Excellent article!

    1. Daniel...
      I spent 3/4 years or more, trying to defend that and on another site. It was more than brutal, trying to do so! Wow!
      So, we don't count is that the way it is? I never watch his show anyhow!
      But the article was good!

      I am rambling on aren't I? I done, be done!

    2. I don't watch Francesa either living in Georgia, wish I could.

  2. FOUR, AND 1/2 MONTHS !
    The world is a better place today. The blogging cancer, Yankee Fans Unite..died of
    the jackass syndrome. A syndrome only effecting morons.
    Not all, just * management. * They called themselves .....' Authors ' ...a clique of Hemingways.
    Yankees Fans Unite Merging With Greedy Pinstripes

    Sept 11, 2013
    " Hello everybody. Unfortunately, due to some people being busy with their personal lives we will no longer be posting on this site. Fortunately, we will be merging with Greedy Pinstripes to continue to give "...................more blather.

    A bright guy had a name for that joint...." the conveyor belt for lost souls."..I liked that one.
    Rocket Reed, and myself, did time there.
    When Jesus calls us home, I'm sure he will give Ken, and I, credit for time served.

  3. Go get'um Patrick...
    I better get top billing, doing four decades (on a walk-about), and then 3 or 4 years on two different sites, before this one!
    I sometimes wonder which was worse, the four decades or those blogs. LOL

    1. ROCKET REED....WALK-ABOUT....or the alternative ?

      40 years on a walk-about, made you the man you are today.
      Time served at Yankee Fans Unite...showed you could endure most anything.

      I told the YFU site owner, Michael Smirnich, that his site reminded me of a mental ward. I compared it to the Creedmoor Psych. Ctr. in NYC.
      I was banned the next afternoon. I survived 4 lifetime bannings from that asylum.
      Yes 4........That's a story for another day.

    2. I WAS WRONG !!...dam.
      * I entered a incorrect name, as to the site owner of Yankee Fans Unite.
      To avoid more handed out punishment, I will say that.........
      the Nurse Ratchet, who by the way, had zero writing go along with hie corpse like
      humor...............Nurse owner was...Matthew Smircich.
      No, he does not do stand up comedy..

    3. I HAVE PTSD....I apologize to all at GP for venting, during the past 24 hours.

      I am self-diagnosed. And I did take first aide courses in the Navy, so you know I'm serious.
      I have Posttraumatic Stress Disorder, acquired from the blogosphere. It was only a matter of time. Too many years in the trenches.

      My wife, Anne Marie, called a priest....Father Jimmy. I'm not sure that he is a real priest, the way he stares at my wife when he thinks I'm not looking.
      He wanted to give me last rights,but I gave him a bottle of scotch, and he left.

      Bottom line, it is January, cold, gray depressing, and I vented too much
      toward the Yankee Fans Unite site.....I am truly sorry.f
      Not sorry I did it. Sorry, I was out of line. But, I have PTSD !
      Although....every thing I said about them was true, and they deserved it.

    4. I don't believe in PTSD, in state side people!

      Just admit it have been running around Boston to much and caught the Nasty Boston sickness that Fans from and around there have...short memories!

      They have won 8 WS in 112 years, and they brag about it!
      Hell, the Yanks have 10 WS in 17 years and 27 in 112 years. Do we brag about it? Your damn right we do!

      See, it is the bug not PTSD! LOL

      Sleep well Patrick, just think, we have the "Tank" as our #2 pitcher!

  4. Daniel and Patrick...
    I have had an e-mail from your friend T-Man.
    He says; As the team is constituted right now, it doesn't turn him on! He will wait a while! Or words to that effect!

    1. So that means he isn't coming back? Darn.

    2. Daniel...
      Not so fast, I gave him an incentive, so unless he starts posting on another may be as he said.
      Then again, a few of the old gang may have found a place to vent on another blog, and he will join them, I have no idea!
      We can hope he comes back, he is funny and writes well, he would be a help to you and the site! I would like to see him show his talent here on this blog where he would be appreciated!
      I gave it my best and only shot!

    3. At least he gave you a shot. I reached out to him multiple times and was flat out ignored, taken by me as a slap in the face.

    4. ROCKET REED....we now know the great performer, Twasp, is alive.
      That is good.
      If he decides to entertain, and perform for the "Authors" ..the clique of Hemmingways,
      from Yankee Fans Unite........then I would question his mental capacity.

      Tommy Twasp is complex, but he knows a moron when he sees one.

  5. Daniel / Ellijay.....none of this is about you. Don't take any of the personally...please.

    This is about me, from all I can garner. Twasp is angry / pissed off at me. To fix
    is a work in progress.
    Efforts are being made, but someone is being cranky.
    This internet stuff is not my way. A beer in a saloon, man to man, and if it's correctable...fine.
    I've ridden with Twasp, like Ken, for 4-5 years.
    I know what he is, and he is worth the effort.
    Twasp was 'Fat Boy Slim' at of his most humorist of all characters...and they threatened to pull him. Such fools. They would not know talent, if it bit them in the ass.

    Stand back., please. Hold your fire.
    Good things are worth waiting for.

    1. Patrick...
      He had nothing bad to say about you and Daniel, try relaxing a bit Patrick!
      Let dead bugs lay, he will show up at a time of his choosing. Or, he may be commenting on another blog...under a different name! You do know how he liked doing that don't you?

      I am sure it had nothing to do with to why he went (I had a more descriptive word there) away!

      Tomas si mot a ni ce Guy ta al, funky Yves...huilez itou are thé once hé huas targettes!



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