Friday, January 24, 2014

Red Sox Johnny Gomes Talking Smack To Yankees

Johnny Gomes and his band of bearded misfits won the World Series last year, yeah we get it. Gomes has been talking smack about the Yankees after going on an offseason spending spree that included bringing in Masahiro Tanaka, Brian McCann, Jacoby Ellsbury, Carlos Beltran, Matt Thornton, etc. Gomes was quoted as saying that the Red Sox "still have the belt" after winning their third World Series in 10 seasons. How cute are you Mr. Gomes?

Here are some quotes from Gomes courtesy of ESPN Boston:

“People can go out and sign whoever they want right now,’’ Johnny Gomes said, according to an ESPN Boston report. “Boxing rules, we still have the belt."

"Kind of flattering a little bit, you know, that [a division] rival has to reload as much as they did," he was quoted saying. "We lost some core players; at the same time, this organization is extremely deep. The majority of our core group of guys is back. We’re champs. We have to uphold that title. I don’t think the mindset is going to change.’’

This is cute coming from a guy who just lost his job to a guy who hasn't really played in the majors since 2011. Johnny Gomes please just go sit over there and we will call you when we need you, thanks.


  1. Let's talk about the one Mr. White Trash Gomes. He has been nothing but a third tier player at best. He is a lifetime .244 hitter with an OBP of .335 and slugging .452 with an OPS of .788. With Tampa he was a .235 hitter and with the Reds he was a .254 hitter. In 2011 he was with two different teams hitting a combined .209 back to the Reds again with another stellar .211 on to the Nats with a polarizing .204 to Oakland with a .260 and then backing that great year in Oakland hit .247 with the Roid Sux.

    First off a person of his character let alone his stats shouldn't be popping off at the mouth. His argument could be better said by Ortiz or Pedroia and it would then be more believable. I always love it when the scrubs are the first ones to chirp at the mouth. The game is played between the lines dirtbag and yes you are the current champs, but please share with us your wisdom on where the Roid Sux where the three previous years?

    1. but but but he has that World Series home run and a ring, that makes him relevant.

  2. It's always the scrubino's that foam at the mouth. What he says is irrelevant in baseball and I am sure some of the Roid Sux are probably saying Johhny STFU you dumba$$, since when were you made team mouth piece


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