Thursday, February 6, 2014

Exclusive Interview w/ Yankees Pitcher Cale Coshow

Today as a part of Prospects Month we bring you our latest interview, this time with Staten Island Yankees pitcher Cale Coshow. In this interview we talk everything from fried chicken, Joba Chamberlain, golf, and the song Call Me Maybe. You will just have to read to understand, enjoy! 

The Greedy Pinstripes: Hey Cale, how are you today sir? How is your offseason going?

Cale Coshow: The offseason right now is going great. Working out at Athletic Republic with a great staff and getting to spend quality time with my family and golfing whenever the weather allows. 

TGP:  First off I want to say I respect the heck out of you for your faith and being so open about it. Your Twitter bio "part time professional baseball player, part time golfer, full time christian" is awesome. How do you think your faith has helped you in your life and specifically in your baseball career? 

CC: My faith is the most important thing in my life. I love baseball, but its something that will not last forever, but my faith will. Through all the trials I have been through in baseball and life, my faith has gotten me through it. It helps whenever you have grown up in Christian home environment so I have family and friends that can help my walk with Jesus Christ. 

TGP: How important is your family to you? How have they helped you with your baseball career? 

CC: Outside my faith, my family is so important to me as they are my main support system. I have parents who I can ask certain questions about and I have a brother who played collegiate baseball so I can lean on him for baseball advice. My family also gives me a way to get my mind off baseball, because they just will do anything just to make sure I am doing okay away from home. 

TGP:  Did you play any other positions coming up either in Little League, High School , or College ball?

CC: In little league I really did not pitch very much for my talents were hitting and being a catcher. Sophomore year of high school is when I made the switch from catcher to pitcher and first base. 

TGP:  Were you disappointed in your lack of use at Oklahoma? Is that why you ended up transferring?

CC: I honestly was very disappointed in not being used at the University of Oklahoma but I was actually cut from the baseball team after my redshirt-freshman season. Right after I got cut, the coach at Oklahoma Christian called me as I was driving home and right there I knew thats the school I wanted to play for. I used me getting cut as a way to humble myself and motivate myself to become a better pitcher. 

TGP:  What teams and sports did you root for and watch growing up?

CC: Football was my first love growing up so I have always been a huge fan of football overall, and not having an NFL team in Oklahoma just caused me to root for close teams like Denver and the Kansas City Chiefs. However, I am a die hard Oklahoma Sooner fan and will always find time to go to the games when I am home. My family used to go to Texas Rangers baseball games during the summer so I grew up favoring the Rangers.

TGP:  Do you think your 6'5" height will hurt you as a pitcher?

CC: I do not believe my height will hurt me because even though I am not the premiere tall and skinny pitcher, I use my strength as an advantage. 

TGP: Do you have a girlfriend/wife waiting for you at home while you are on the road so much?

CC: I actually do have a girlfriend that plays softball in Oklahoma. I also have a dog named Beefcake that will certainly be waiting for me to get home.

TGP: What are you doing this offseason to improve on your 2013 season?

CC: This offseason I have used the time to tighten up my core and get my legs stronger, as well as work on my changeup. All things are a work in progress.

TGP: What do you do during the offseason to keep yourself occupied?

CC: I play golf at least 3-4 times a week to keep myself occupied. I am a huge movie buff and always go to see movies when they come out. I am also an avid fisherman and enjoy sitting on a bank with a fishing pole in hand. 

TGP: Favorite restaurant to eat at?

CC: My favorite restaurant to eat at would have to be Eischens. Its a fried chicken place in Okarche, Oklahoma. My best friend Tyler and I always make plans to go eat their fried chicken and okra.

TGP: I think this answer may be obvious but in my time around social media I have noticed there are two kinds of fans when it comes to prospects. You have the "prospect humpers" (myself being a self professed prospect humper) and a name yet to be determined (due to my lack of creativity) describing those who want to sell all the prospects off for the 37 year old "sure thing." Which category do you think yourself as a fan falls into?

CC: I like to hold onto prospects because those young guys turn out to be great players, just like Derek Jeter. But if you have the money to spend on some key veteran player, I would spend that money because those veterans can help the young guys grow in the game.

TGP: What current Major League player do you think you compare to the most?

CC: I have been told that I remind everyone of Joba Chamberlain. I am a big guy that throws hard. Funny thing is wherever I pitched, home or away, fans would yell "throw it harder Joba" or "look everybody, its Joba." I am okay with being compared to him because he has always been a reliable pitcher. 

TGP: If you could be the Yankees GM for a day what would you do? Don't have to really be realistic here. 

CC: If I was GM for a day, I would have a costume day. Where every player and staff member would have to show up to the stadium in a costume.

TGP: Do you consider yourself more of a relief pitcher or a starting pitcher going forward?

CC: I see myself as a relief pitcher honestly because I have the mentality as a relief/closer pitcher and I recover relatively fast after pitching.

TGP: Most famous person in your cell phone?

CC: Most famous person in my phone would be Landry Jones, current Pittsburgh Steelers backup quarterback. Him and I became great friends at the University of Oklahoma when we would have bible studies together and would occasionally play some catch. 

TGP: Most embarrassing song in your iPod?

Contrary to popular belief the guy in the wife beater is NOT Cole Coshow.

CC: Most embarrassing song on my iPod would have to be Call Me Maybe, even though it is a remix of the original song.

TGP: We'll finish with this one, where do you see yourself in life and your career in five years?

CC: I see myself hopefully getting married in the next five years and hopefully make it to the Major Leagues Lord willing. But if I do not get that opportunity, I will most likely be working with the Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms and be an agent. Either way I am extremely blessed to have the opportunity to play with such an amazing organization and cannot wait to see where baseball takes me.

Thank you very much Cale for taking the time away from your fishing and striking guys out to do this interview for us, we appreciate it and I am sure our readers do too. You can follow Cale on Twitter by following C_Coshow or at a minor league stadium near you. 

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