Friday, February 28, 2014

Harold Reynolds To Replace Tim McCarver On FOX

When I saw "replace Tim McCarver" I jumped up and down for joy, then I saw Harold Reynolds was going to replace him and I sat back down and hung my head for a minute before typing this out. Jason McIntyre of The Big Lead reported that both Reynolds and Tom Verducci would join Joe Buck for Saturday afternoon games, All Star games, and the World Series.

No issues with Verducci, he knows the game and has the inside sources to make some interesting fill time in my opinion. Harold Reynolds just seems like he is going to be a disaster, he is on Hot Stove in my opinion. Reynolds has the experience, he was on ESPN's Baseball Tonight before being fired for sexual harassment, spent a few minutes working for, and is currently employed at MLB Network until the season starts, if they haven't already gone their separate ways officially yet.

This is gonna be fun...

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