Thursday, February 27, 2014

Meet A Prospect: Hal Steinbrenner

Harold Zieg "Hal" Steinbrenner was born on December 3, 1969 to George and Elizabeth Steinbrenner in Culver, Indiana. Hal is the younger son of the former owner of the New York Yankees, George Steinbrenner, and has two sister siblings in Jessica Steinbrenner and Jennifer Steinbrenner Swindal. Steinbrenner attended Culver Military Academy and then transferred to and graduated from Williams College in 1991 with a Bachelor of Arts degree. He also got a Masters degree in Business Administration at the University of Florida in 1994 which would take him far in his current role.

From 2007 to the present George Steinbrenner stepped down from the day to day operations of the New York Yankees and the job was left to both Hank and Hal Steinbrenner. It would take until November, 8 of the 2008 season before Major League Baseball owners approved the shift of power to the Steinbrenner Brothers.  On September 28, 2007 Hal was elected as the Chariman of the Board of Yankee Global Enterprises which is the parent company of the New York Yankees. Hal is also currently the chairman and the CEO of Steinbrenner Hotel Properties while holding a seat on the Board of Directors of the Boys and Girls Club of Tampa Bay.

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