Wednesday, February 19, 2014

More News & Notes From Spring Training 2/19/14

We had a few more Spring Training camp details come in so here they are in case you missed them.

Eduardo Nunez took ground balls at both shortstop and third base today and of course botched one. Not much to make of it honestly but it's pretty much a running joke at this point with Nunez so we had to point it out.

Manny Banuelos threw live batting practice for the first time this spring and came out of it feeling great about his progress. Manny said he wasn't throwing 100% but felt good with where he was, great news.

Finally Derek Jeter called Hal Steinbrenner the night before he announced his retirement and left him a voicemail that was never checked or returned by Steinbrenner. Jeter text Steinbrenner the next day and Hal called him back to hear the news before it was leaked on Jeter's Turn 2 Facebook page.

Full workout for the first time this spring is tomorrow so we should have more to speak on that tomorrow.

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