Monday, February 24, 2014

Yankee Stadium Legacy: #35 Moose Skowron

Moose Skowron played his first nine Major League seasons with the New York Yankees and upped his power production in his final three seasons. From 1960-1962 Skowron hit a total of 77 home runs in those three years in New York. In the 1960 World Series he had two home runs as a part of his 12 hit barrage and finished with a .375 average and six RBI vs. Pittsburgh. That season Skowron started at first base in both installments of the MLB All Star Game.

35 days until Yankees Opening Day


  1. The Moose was one hell of a 1st baseman, he and Whitey had a thing going, Whitey would throw the ball to him with a man on 1st. Moose would catch it and then drop the ball, when he reached for it, he would do the same as Yogi did at home plate scuff the ball and throw it back to Whitey.
    Moose and Whitey also had the best pick off tricks in baseball at that time.
    Moose would slowly move off 1st as if he were going to move with the pitch to the gap, as the runner moved with him he would split his concentration watching the pitcher and Moose. When he was far enough away to be taged out, Moose would flick his glove and break for the bad, too slow your ot-a-here! Once in a while a guy would break for 2nd...not a good move at all! There were other moves they had but that one was the one I liked.
    Only one guy would not talk to us...the Great "Joe D". "Billy Gun" Martin was like a kid with "The Scooter", but start talking baseball and he would get away from the others and talk your ear off. One time we were watching Mickey hit some A-A-Bombs into the upper deck. Billy said to us, there is the best player in the world!
    I said the same thing for many years myself...the only 5 tool player I ever saw until I saw this kid playing SS on the west coast, later he became our 3rd baseman!

  2. Ken - Moose was followed by the great Joe Pepitone. Who was the first player to bring into the clubhouse a :

    A - .45 Magnum
    B - a hair dryer
    C - a toupee

    1. "B" ....Joe was a good 1st baseman, tried to be too much like Joe Namath!

    2. B was going to be my answer as well...


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