Monday, February 24, 2014

This Day In New York Yankees History 2/24

On this day in 1948 the Chicago White Sox traded Ed Lopat to the New York Yankees for Aaron Robinson, Bill Wright, and Fred Bradley.


  1. This is the one and only pitcher I ever had help me as a pitcher. He spent many hours with me over the time I could...shall we say, slide into the stadium, and talk to the players before warm-ups started. This was back in the late 40s', early 50s'...he was a fine doctor of the pitching game.
    He and I were the same type of pitcher...slow, slower and slowest...except, he did have an ok fastball, something I have never had. I think I would have given up pitching and just played 2nd base if, he hadn't taken the time to show me how to pitch with different arm angles and a better way to throw some of my pitches, read the bat, read the body positioning and balance of the hitters.
    He always said, "It isn't hard to outsmart a hitter, they are not the smartest players in the world, if they were they would be pitchers or catchers." (something like that) ! He taught me to make sure I had a wrinkle in every pitch I threw, which wasn't hard for me, I couldn't throw a straight pitch if I wanted too...left handed! I also was told, always be a one inning or one time thru the line-up type of pitcher.
    I always wanted to be a pitcher but my high school coaches didn't know I could throw left handed and put me at 2nd base, because I could hit very well and not afraid of the tricky hops the ball took off right handers.
    I became the closer in college, by accident really.
    Mr. Eddie Lopat was a very fine person as well as a fine pitcher, now days things like that would never happen and that is a shame. The information one can get from a veteran major league player is something coaches don't have the time to teach...and most don't know!
    Players such as he and "The Scooter" were the Good Guys of Baseball and one of a kind!

    1. I love it when you share these stories, thank you.

    2. ROCKET....nice piece of writing. These folks are new to you, but I've always known, that you
      can bring magic to the table for many years.
      Even when you discipline me.........................on rare occasions.

  2. Thanks guys...that was the good thing about living in "Hells Kitchen".


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