Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Forbes: Yankees Most Valuable Club At $2.5 Billion

The New York Yankees not only spend a lot of money, they are worth a lot of money too, $2.5 billion to be exact according to Forbes. This is the 17th consecutive season with the Yankees being ranked at the top of the list while the Tampa Bay Rays are in dead last in all of Major League Baseball. The Yankees $2.5 billion is up around 9% from last season with the Dodgers coming in second at $2 billion, up 24% from last season for Los Angeles.

The Top 5 was rounded out by the Boston Red Sox worth $1.5 billion, the Chicago Cubs at $1.2 billion, and the San Francisco Giants valued at $1 billion. No other teams are valued at or over $1 billion in the game right now but the Philadelphia Phillies are close, among other teams, at $975 million. George Steinbrenner would be proud.

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  1. Off topic but....
    I have been reading some of the comments made on other blogs...what a joke!
    Either these fans are so new or, they really don't understand baseball.
    Some (not all) seem to think we need a star at every position on the field to win games. I must have missed that part, was it in the "Baseball for Dummies 101" class?
    NO player is a star until he plays in the Show!
    Mo came up as a starter...and failed. They moved him to the BP, the rest is history.
    Mickey came up as a SS, Casey took a look at his play and moved him to right field, the rest is history.
    Untill our young players really get the chance to play ...a lot...we will never know how good, or bad, they really are in the Big Time.
    On paper, we have one hell of a starting pitching staff as well as BP. On the field, we also have a good team.
    We also have one BIG Question mark after most of our players names. But, every team has the same problem.
    Boston and Detroit, what happens to them if one or more of their pitchers goes down. I don't think they have the quality of replacements we do. What about catchers going down, we have a couple of good replacements there also. Same with our outfielders and infielders.
    Are the replacement players as good as those we could lose, who knows, but we do have a sense of what they have done! Can they do it for many games or not, is anyones guess.
    One look at the Spring Stats and we should have Zoilo in LF, Brett in CF. Then in the infield we should have Stal at 3rd and Anna at SS...but, as the saying goes, "Small Sample"! Anyone believe Ells, Jeter and Kelly aren't going to hit this year?
    Oh, well we have won without stars at most positions before so no problem this year!


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