Wednesday, March 26, 2014

New Drug Agreement Could Be In Place This Week

Major League Baseball and the Major League Baseball players and management are close to agreeing on a new joint drug agreement that would bring stiffer penalties for muscle building steroid use. In turn there may also be a reduced suspension in situations of unintentional use, who makes that call of what is and isn't intentional is beyond me. The real reason for the change came out later in the day when there was discussion of closing the loophole that allowed Alex Rodriguez getting paid $3 million for his singing bonus even though he is on the suspended list this season due to his ties with Biogenesis. Rodriguez was allowed almost another $3 million because Frederic Horowitz, the arbitrator in his suspension appeal, stated that he was eligible for some pay since players are paid over 183 day season and Rodriguez would only be suspended for 162 games, allowing him another $2,868,852.

The deal may be done as soon as Sunday before teams start Opening Day's around the league. What it sounds like is left to be decided is the lengths of the reduced and strengthened suspensions, so no big obstacle are standing in the way of an agreement. I agree with this because 50 games is obviously not enough of a deterrent, people are still doing the stuff and getting handsomely rewarded, so making the penalties stiffer is a great idea.

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