Tuesday, March 18, 2014

New York Yankees vs. Boston Red Sox 3/18

The rivalry will be renewed once again, sort of, as the New York Yankees host the Boston Red Sox in the latest Grapefruit League game this spring training. The game will be played at George M. Steinbrenner Field down in Tampa at 1:05 pm ET on the YES Network, ESPN, and MLB TV. Michael Pineda will be on the mound for the Yankees looking to secure the fifth starter job for New York. Enjoy the day Yankees family.


  1. Is anyone watching the Boston/Yankee game?
    If not, you have missed seeing one of the best sliders I have ever seen! Pineda has one that just drops off the table. Most sliders do just that...slide down and to the side, his Drops and goes left...Hard!
    Only one thing is, it isn't a consistent break, but when it is...it is unfair! Five strike outs with it...all swinging.
    I am not a big fan of the slider because, if the break isn't good it is just a batting practices FB and be hit a long way.

  2. Ken- Not watching it, but I am following it on Gameday. It is somewhat irritating me though. How much more dominance does Pineda need to to demonstrate before the Yankees come out and say "Hey, you're our guy." Instilling a little confidence in a young pitcher coming back from injury can't be a bad thing.

  3. I think Pineda just won the 5th starter job by his performance today.

    Jeff while I understand where you are coming from you don't want to just hand it to him either, you know?

    1. 100% agree. I just think after his third dominant performance, he's earned that spot. So unless they're going to take your advice and go with a 6 man rotation, they should just announce it. Sometimes it's frustrating how they drag things out.

    2. It's hard to just hand it to Pineda when Phelps, Warren, and Nuno have pitched so well.

    3. Warren drew raves from Joe after his last outing so how can he come out and say Pineda has the job?
      There is little doubt anymore on who it will be, for many reasons.
      Phelps, Warren Nuno have and can work out of the BP!
      All four of them are good pitchers, which sets up a deal (along w/Catcher) for the best YOUNG Shortstop we can get. Although I wouldn't trade Nuno, one never has to many lefty starters. Pineda is to good to trade, so that makes it Warren or Phelps, I like all four of them so I am glad I need not make that deal!

    4. Regardless of who is chosen, what a great problem to have I guess. Four quality pitchers for one position.

    5. Exactly. Three of them have proven to be able to pitch out of the bullpen too which is great when we have as many "question marks" in the pen as we do.

  4. On another note, which I KNOW will up-set many fans here and all over Yankee Land...
    Jeter is done, he has lost a minimum of 1-1/2 steps...how many DPs has he already hit into this spring. There is nothing wrong with his hands, whatever he gets to is great, but he is not getting to a lot of balls he did back a couple of years ago even. He has never been a real good defensive SS but now everyone (even those with Rose colored glass) can see it.
    If he and the Yankees are going to have him play this year, he should bat in the 7th spot, not in the #2 hole. He has been a rally killer for a few years now...he has the all time Yankees record for hitting in to DPs with 272 (#19 all time). When was the last time he had a walk-off HIT let alone a HR...Five, six years ago?
    I wanted him to retire after the 2011 year, I have seen to many great players play one or more years past the date of...what they once were! It is not a good feeling to see a once great player leave the game as a avg. player or worse!

    Call me a Jeter hater if you will, but one has to be blind not to have seen his regression, both in the field and at the plate.

    I know he had a great 2013, but most of the other players did the same...one good year and then off the table. I hope he has the best year he has ever had but, at 40 years old playing SS......?????

    This one will get your dander up! But it is fact, not supposition!

    1. He was a double play machine before the ankle so it should come as no surprise if he continues that trend in 2014. I don't think it has as much to do with the ankle though, especially in spring training. He is rusty and not busting it down the line whatsoever.

      Jeter is not here to get the walk off hits and home runs, although I agree he has lost some range in the field. He's 40 years old, who hasn't lost range in the field at 40 years old? I think we all agree he was not a huge range guy to begin with but we all know its just for one more year. Would be kind of disrespectful to bat him 7th in my opinion, whether its the best thing for the team or not.

    2. Daniel...
      I agree with your assessment of Jeter but, I posted once before about having a late inning replacement for him as being disrespectful when someone suggested it. Isn't it the same as batting him 7th?
      I honestly don't understand the idea of disrespecting him or anyone else, they are paid very good money to play a kids game and W-I-N!
      At 40, playing SS is great, age is what it is and no matter how hard we try to push back TIME...age wins, always!
      Anyhow, here is to Jeter having a Jeter like year as his send-off and helps the team win another WS!

    3. You did say that but I also said the 7th inning guy was disrespectful, I wasn't the guy who suggested it.

      I understand he is 40 and getting paid quite well but this is still a business. You piss off the fans by disrespecting Jeter on his farewell tour and people stop coming out to the ballpark for a long time, period.


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