Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Potential 2014 Milestones For Carlos Beltran

Carlos Beltran can crack the Top 100 on the all time list for runs this season if he scores 100 times as he currently sits in the 106th spot with 1,346 runs. Getting to the 1,446 rank would get him all the way to a tie for 77th on the all time list passing the likes of Roberto Clemente, Bernie Williams, Joe DiMaggio, Tony Gwynn, Andre Dawson, Brett Butler, and Fred McGriff to name a few.

Carlos Beltran can also crack the Top 100 on the all time list for doubles as he currently sits ranked 103rd with 446 doubles. Beltran has averaged 35 doubles in his career over a 162 game average so 30 doubles in 2014 would put him at 476 doubles and well within the Top 100. It would in fact make him 79th passing Joe Morgan, Bernie Williams, Jim Thome, Paul O'Neill, Jimmie Foxx, Reggie Jackson, Gary Sheffield, and Larry Walker.

There's no way Beltran could hit 42 home runs this season in Yankee Stadium is there? Well if he did that would be an even 400 home runs for his career.

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