Saturday, March 22, 2014

Predicting The Rolaids Relief Man of the Year

If you have been reading my blogs over the last two years, or if you know me from my days of owning a sports forum or two, you know that I suck at predictions. I don't know why, I watch the games, I pay attention to the analysts, I research the stats, and I really try. Never works out for me and I do not expect it to this year but I plan on giving it my all once again, today with the Rolaids Relief Man of the Year Award.

In the American League I see the award going to Jim Johnson of the Oakland Athletics. As we all saw with Grant Balfour the Oakland Coliseum in Oakland is huge with lots of foul ground and can really help a pitcher, even a fly ball pitcher. I expect to see a similar trend here with Johnson in Oakland. Jim Johnson was great with the Baltimore Orioles racking up tons of saves and will continue the trend in 2014. The defense is young and speedy behind him, the offense is good enough, and Oakland never doesn't have a surplus of power arms. Johnson is my man in the American League.

In the National League you would be a fool to bet against Craig Kimbrel of the Atlanta Braves. He has been the best closer in the National League for a couple seasons now, ever since he came into the league, and will continue to be this season. He has a great bullpen in front of him once again, an even better defense behind him, and an even better offense with him. No one is touching this award not named Kimbrel for a long, long time.

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