Thursday, March 6, 2014

Reminder: Looking For A Writer To Cover The Thunder

The Greedy Pinstripes have a possible opportunity to expand our coverage and our media credentials that we would like to share with somebody. Unfortunately none of us on the staff live in close proximity to the Trenton Thunder but we have the opportunity to receive credentials for a full season. That is where you, the readers, come in. We are looking for one or two members that live near the Thunder, attend games, and would be willing to report back and write for the blog.

Please send all requests and such to The Greedy Pinstripes at gmail. We need these in pretty quick as the deadline for the application is next week. We will also need a sample or two of writing to make sure before we sign you up. If you're interested and want to join one of the fastest growing blogs in the Yankees Universe contact us now.

Thank you all for reading and your continued support, without you guys posts like this would not be a reality.


  1. Yankee Fans Unite !...a perfect fit. Even better, these New Jersey boys are authors, not reporters.
    They can attend every game for you, and they say they only talk baseball. So they say.
    Unfortunately there are times when they miss large portions of games.
    By standing in the darkened shadows, outside the mens room, while giggling...and starring.

    1. I could probably make that happen if you'd like... the second time it has been mentioned ;)

    2. Daniel...
      Sane people don't make deals with Beelzebub and his minions!

    3. Tommy Twasp & Yankee Fans Unite...same thing. Washed up talent.
      Twasp can not elevate himself to the higher stage at GP.
      Nor can the spineless worms from YFU. the new 'Ballpark '
      Fat Boy Slim the new 'Rooster '

    4. It is a shame to see so much talent go to waste, no? Especially when he tries to be funny, disruptive, rude, and sarcastic and fails miserably in all aspects.

  2. Patrick...I we don't speak of the infelicitous! So play nice with the mice of NJ!

    I dun like dat dar one, it be a dam gooden!

  3. Daniel, you are a good man, a huge Yankee fan, and well respected by my father.

  4. Ken Reed is enjoyable to read as his old time stories bring back an age long past. The site is lucky to have him.

  5. YFU sucked.....they banned me and Patrick and threatened to ban my father. They were devoid of any humor.

    1. Fat Boy....good morning. You look svelte in your Gravatar. Stop doing the M&M's ?
      Did not know that Tommy Twasp was your father ? Must of been a fun house hold.
      Is your mom still live alive ? She had to have been a saint.

      This was pick on 'Ballpark' week. .....The weasel of the batting cages. The knifes are still
      in my neck. My mailman, from Poland, knows more about baseball than that fraud.

      If you can pry your father away from iTarsier....send him my regards.
      I'll drop a few posts, on returning from work.....10:30 PM.


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