Saturday, March 8, 2014

Should The Yankees Be Interested In Juan Francisco?

We all heard and read that the Brewers were among the teams scouting the Yankees excess catching depth recently. Milwaukee is said to be dangling Rickie Weeks or Aramis Ramirez but why not Juan Francisco? I think we could use Francisco more for a plethora of reasons, especially if it only costs Austin Romine or John Ryan Murphy.

Francisco would give us another power hitter in the lineup and a huge bat coming off the bench from the left side of the plate. Francisco split time with the Brewers and the Atlanta Braves last season and hit 18 home runs in 348 at bats, that's a home run every 19 at bats for those without a calculator. Over a 162 game season that ranks 11th best in the American League, who couldn't use that?

Francisco also gives us a legitimate backup at both third base and first base. He won't win a Gold Glove award at either position but he is probably a better candidate than Alfonso Soriano at first and Eduardo Nunez at third base defensively right now.

Francisco also looks like he is the odd man out on the Brewers roster thanks to former Yankees Lyle Overbay and Mark Reynolds signing deals with Milwaukee over the winter. The Brewers have excess infielders and we need infielders, the Brewers need a backup catcher and we have more than a couple. Let's make a deal Brian Cashman.


  1. I don't think we need Juan Francisco at all. He doesn't hit well enough to outweigh his glove work! He may drive in some runs with his HRs, but he may lose some games because of his glove work and we have enough DHs'.

    1. He would essentially be the last bench guy backing up multiple positions.

  2. HEART STOPPED !!...When I first saw the Juan Francisco headline, my mind raced to
    last years flame out....Ben Francisco. I am better with Irish names.
    I said what the hell do they want with Ben Francisco ? wife could play better !
    Then reality set in.
    My question...who would be pushed aside if this happened ?

    If the Yankees are going to package a catcher, and young outfield, in a trade.......I'd rather over pay
    for Owings, from Arizona. They should be able to pick up a LH bat in the next three weeks.

  3. He wouldn't be the best option but it could work. His batting average is low .200's so maybe he could be had for an Arica, doubtful


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