Saturday, March 8, 2014

Yankee Stadium Legacy: #23 Charlie Keller

Charlie Keller was one of the main power hitters for the New York Yankees in the 1940's. Keller slugged over 20 home runs five times while hitting 30 home runs three separate seasons for New York. Keller was pitched around quite a bit due to his power displays and led the American League in walks twice in his career, surpassing the 100 walk plateau five times. Keller was a rookie in 1939 and hit three home runs and won a World Series ring.

23 days until Yankees Opening Day


  1. Don't let that picture fool you...he was not a cross handed hitter! He was a left handed hitter and the picture was taken after he swung the bat.
    Just for those that may have questioned the hand placement.

    1. I loved the picture because of the no knob on the bat and no batting gloves, didn't even notice the placement of the hands.


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