Monday, March 24, 2014

Yankees Moving Jose Ramirez To The Bullpen

And another Yankees starting pitcher has bit the dust and has been converted into a right handed relief pitcher for the bullpen, the latest is Jose Ramirez. Brian Cashman held an interview lately confirming the power right handed pitchers move to the pen from the AAA starting rotation due to his injuries, noting that he had the ability to move very fast through the system.

Ramirez is 24 years old and did not pitch this spring due to a lingering oblique injury that derailed his 2013 season as well. Ramirez has only thrown 100+ innings in a season twice in his career due to elbow, shoulder, lat, and oblique injuries so the move makes sense on paper. Ramirez throws in the mid to upper 90's and has a nice slider and fastball combination so he could be electric out of the pen, only time will tell.


  1. That is a good place for a hard throwing two pitch pitcher to get started! Refining what he already has and adding another pitch, should be his approach this year.

  2. When does it end though? It seems like every big time starting pitching prospect we have gets sent to the bullpen.. Betances, Brackman, Banuelos (talk of it this spring anyway), Joba, Hughes for a while, etc etc etc

    Where does it end?

    1. Sometimes we just have to put our faith in the management...aha, right! Banuelos will be a good starting pitcher by this time next year and in the running for a starting job.
      Of course, one or two of them may be used as trading bait along with one of the catchers.
      What is your opinion of trading one or more of them? Everyone needs starting pitching.

    2. See what happens when one gives an old man to much free time!?! lol
      Everything is frozen outside so, nothing for me to do!
      I am forbidden to do anything in the kitchen except, get a nice cold one...Pepsi, I don't drink anything stronger!

    3. Trade whoever as long as it helps the team

    4. As much as I am a home grown backer from way, way, way back and hate to see us trade any of our better players, it is something I am sure they are looking into right as we write these words.
      I don't know about you fans but, I have a feeling there is a trade wind blowing for Cisco right now and that is why Joe didn't name the back-up for McCann.
      I hate to trade him, he is the last of the "Kiddy Korp", but, as is said by the host and yours truly, the team comes first, at least, with some players!

  3. Daniel...
    Question for you, as you have some information gotten from places I would get lost trying to find.
    As it sounds as though the Yanks are willing to eat part of Itcys' contract, would they eat part of our 3rd basemens' also, and could they? Or does he have a no trade?


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