Monday, March 24, 2014

New York Yankees Spring Training News & Notes 3/24

Jacoby Ellsbury is scheduled to play in a minor league game tomorrow to test out his tight right calf. The Yankees don't want Ellsbury in a Grapefruit League game because if worse came to worse they can backdate a DL trip. Ellsbury is scheduled to DH tomorrow and if all goes well he could get into a Major League game, but I doubt it.

Still no word on when Brendan Ryan will be in a game again but it doesn't look like any time soon. Opening Day is pretty much not a possibility at this point.

Joe Girardi has made his fifth starter decision but has not contacted all parties involved yet. The announcement is expected to come tomorrow sometimes, presumably before the game starts. It is worth mentioning that the Yankees haven't named a starter for tomorrow's game and it is David Phelps turn in the rotation.

Ivan Nova pitched today in a minor league game and his unofficial stat line was 8 IP with 4 hits allowed, one run, and 10 strike outs. Impressive, although it should have been.


  1. The Ken & Dan Show ? ...Sorry to see the drop off rate, after a weekend.
    Kenny, you do yeoman work. You are funky, but special.
    Daniel, I truly believe/know....that no one works harder.

    The rest of you guys have to pull your weight. Don't ride on another's efforts !

    1. What about you? You have been MIA for a while now.

      I think I may have been to forceful in my opinions again. I am trying not to be, but it is me, training is hard to break.
      Oh, well I'll take a day or two off, maybe we will get the others back.
      Any luck with my 2nd baseman from the other site?
      See you later this week!

  2. THOMAS TWASP....I can't read what you write anymore.
    I turn away. I can no longer stir up support for you. Your hollow posts do not support my efforts.
    For you to run out the boy character, is not's dumb.

    The Twasp, whom I met years ago, was magnificent. An innovator. An untouchable.
    What I see today, is a K-Mart Twasp. A cheapened version....a throw away.
    Sorry Tommy, but you seem to be on rubber legs.
    You've become like that half testicle....Rooster. You hide in the corner, and mumble. Only now, you
    seem fragile, and frail. Much like that prick, Rooster.
    I don't understand you any longer. Do you want the stage to yourself ? I'll leave.
    You know that you can do better....if you want to.
    Scared to bring it to me, son ? Sad.


  3. ROCKET are probably the nicest person writing today.
    But, please stop apologizing for your opinions. There is no need to.

    I work on that second baseman, a week from this Friday. We have room in the van for you.
    My son, Tommy, will be cooking salmon on cedar planks. Cold beers for old soldiers, like us.


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