Saturday, April 12, 2014

Game Thread: Yankees @ Red Sox 4/12

The New York Yankees and the Boston Red Sox will play the third game of their four game set this weekend at Yankee Stadium this afternoon. The Yankees will send Hiroki Kuroda to the mound to face off with John Lackey for the Red Sox. The game can be seen on the YES Network and Fox Sports 1, better than Fox I guess, it can be seen on your computer with MLB TV, and heard on the radio with WFAN.

Kuroda got a victory in his last start in his last start against the Baltimore Orioles on Yankees Opening Day at Yankee Stadium. Lackey has come out of the gate strong but has a career 1-1 record with a 7.64 ERA at Yankee Stadium so let's hope that Lackey shows up and not the one that held the Texas Rangers to one run in seven innings last time out.

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Enjoy the game Yankees family and the rest of your day and weekend.


  1. Solarte is getting closer to picking up the slider and curve-ball and what to do with it.
    Still, he struck out on the slider again. He'll get there...I hope, it would be nice to have a switch hitter with contact skills on the team.

    Not bad so far...3 HR's and 4 runs....4-2 Yankees in the end of the 5th!

  2. NOW ENTERING THE RING...patrick, from Long Isand, NY....................silence ?
    Where is anyone ? Last post 9 hours ago. ...........No regulars, sappers, or faux posters ?
    Not even an episode of the soap opera !
    Not for nothin', but.... Rooster, the human scrotum, is still putting up posts to no one, at YFU.
    The dead site, has more activity than us. Nine hours.

  3. FAT BOY SLIM...get your puppet master, Twasp, to come out from behind the curtain.
    No disrespect, but your act is stale. Your material now, is better suited for performances at
    senior centers. Or, the Polish sections, of Baltimore.

  4. A POEM...entitled..' Trans Gender Irish, and the man from Hell's Kitchen ' patrick.

    Rocket Reed went to the market. Wearing his aunt's dress.
    He skipped along the path, so happy to be free at last. Free at last.
    Mailman, Mr. Jimmy, gives Ken a lolly pop. The world is good. ........Skip, skip, skip.
    OH NO !!!!! ...Look out ! Behind that rock is the BUG....agggrrraaaaah! He says.
    " You are wearing a toupee ! You are using Fixodent Denture Glue ! You hate Jeter ! agggrraaah !
    Little Kenny, from the Kitchen, ....runs away wearing his aunt's dress.
    The BUG wins again. Mr. Jimmy now hugs the BUG.
    The End.

    1. You've done better.. Also an adult

    2. Patrick...
      Hugs the Bug? Come on, you can do better than that!

      Why not give the site something to comment about? Maybe Baseball!

      Hugs the Bug...that is priceless! lol

  5. JOEL HANRAHAN...auditioning for teams this the Yankees.

    Joel Hanrahan, 32, had a 2.24 ERA (3.24 FIP) in 128.1 innings for the Pirates from 2011-12, his last two healthy seasons. There is no such thing as too much pitching depth and the Yankees should look long, and hard at Mr. Hanrahan. He, who would sit at 96.5 mph.
    I reiterate again...people that get hurt, get better. Not all, but most.

    Try this one...Kelly, Hanrahan, Balfour, Robertson. The new Core Four.

    1. Hey I called them getting Andrew Bailey and Hanrahan.... let's hope I am right.

  6. " to hell with YFU " that.
    It's like having lime disease. It take time to get over it.
    They monitor us, so a kick in the ass now, and then is good.

    1. Why do you even check in on YFU? I don't care what they say about anything and never have been back to that site.
      You, my friend should take that hair shirt off and try a nice TGP!
      Of course, taking advice from me is not always the best thing to it? lol

    2. Agreed. All your doing is giving them hits, hits they don't deserve.

  7. I have ladled so much chum in the waters tonight, that I'm arm weary.
    I was only trying to encourage inter-action.
    OR, maybe have one of the YFU, which ' merged with Greedy Pinstripes in 2013, send one of it's
    stooges out onto this level playing field ? Level playing field...frightening ?


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