Thursday, April 10, 2014

Michael Pineda & Pine Tar Gate

Is it pine tar? Is it dirt? Is it cheating? Does it matter? You decide.... You have to remember though this guy has a DUI so his intelligence, in my opinion, will always be under the gun.


  1. Well let's call a spade a spade. Looks like pine tar to me! Now let's be realistic. Don't we hear a story about this many times a year with many different pitchers. Stuff like this happens ALL the time. It's part of the game!

  2. As long as this doesn't turn into World War III because it's a Yankee I have no problem with it. Especially after Jon Lester had Vaseline in his glove in the World Series and Clay Buchholz has rosin on his arm and whatever kind of grease in his hair last season AS WELL AS LAST NIGHT IN THE SAME GAME then I have no issues.

    It's ok to cheat in baseball again, praise the lord, we just need to do it better than we did last night. That was blatantly obvious.

  3. Agreed! He's still young though. Give him some time and he'll learn how to hide it a little better. Pitchers loading up the ball is so common I don't even consider it cheating.

    1. Jeff, good to see you commenting more...
      In a baseball game, one needs to follow the rules but, if you are cheating, there is no way one can call out others for doing the same! Even though I hate cheating...was this really a case of cheating? I would say it was using the rules to get around the charge of cheating.
      Rules say a pitcher can use something to help with his grip if it is cold and one can't feel the ball well.
      Myself, I think it was cheating a cheater!

  4. Pineda had that swag going, looking like he was dancing off the mound after every pitch and inning. Probably didn't care to try and hide it.

    Meanwhile nobody noticed, and I looked for a picture of it but couldnt find it, that Buchholz's black glove was very noticeably white on the inside last night... not worn white... rosin white.


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