Monday, April 14, 2014

MLB Replay Blows A Call, Boston Goes Crying To Bud

Can the Boston Red Sox please lose a game to the New York Yankees without Major League Baseball looking into it? Please? Just one? First we had Michael Pineda and "Pine Tar Gate" on Thursday night and then Saturday night MLB and their shiny new replay system proved it wasn't perfect, imagine that, blowing kind of an obvious call.

Dean Anna is the Yankee on base with his foot above the bag and the glove and tag on his back after hitting what was called and "confirmed" as a double and not a single and an out. Xander Bogaerts had Anna out and Boston's manager John Farrell challenged the play and the call on the field was upheld giving Anna the extra base hit.

Thankfully the call had no bearing on the outcome of the game or I would be posting that Heath Ledger meme as The Joker saying something along the lines of "MLB Replay makes a mistake and the baseball world loses it's mind."

You wanna hear the best part about the whole ordeal? All that fancy technology in that fancy command center in New York did not have access to the same angle that the fans and the viewers on television had and MLB even admitted it. We all knew this was not going to be perfect but that just sounds like a broken system to me. Somehow this is Alex Rodriguez's fault, I'm sure of it, he has been too quiet.

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