Monday, April 14, 2014

Murphy, Not Romine, Called Up From AAA

When Francisco Cervelli went down with a Grade 2 strain of his hamstring I think we all expected Austin Romine, who has already been called up once this season, would be called up from AAA Scranton Wilkes-Barre to replace him but it seems we were all wrong. Instead John Ryan Murphy has been called up to replace Cervelli on the roster, presumably because of his versatility and experience playing positions other than catcher in his minor league career.

Seems like a waste of an option for both Romine and Murphy to make this call but Joe Girardi has proven more than once that he knows more than I do. We were all told that Murphy would only be called up to be the starting catcher if something, God forbid, happened to Brian McCann but it looks like plans have changed for Murphy.

Whether this was made to showcase Murphy in a trade, the Yankees do have an insane five catchers on the 40 man roster right now, or whether they just like Murphy more than Romine remains to be seen. Let's just hope Murphy can fill in well for Cervelli without hurting his trade value.


  1. CRAPPY DAY...for Austin Romine also.
    I can not imagine working your whole life for this, a MLB player, and then you are passed
    over for a younger player. It must hurt.

  2. I was commenting else where about Sizemore and Murphy being called up. After all, Scott is around .344 and Canzler was at .276 with both catchers hitting below the Mendoza Line.
    But, with Scott able to play all most every where, that frees up Johnson for 1st and Solarta at 3rd and Scott at 2nd with Anna playing SS.
    Therefore, it makes sense for Scott and Murphy coming up and see if Murphy can handle the pitchers and hit up here in The Show. Romine, we already know him, and it is better for him to play everyday rather having him sit around not honing his skill set.

  3. I actually think quite the opposite on Murphy and Romine. The Yankees are higher on Murphy than they are Romine. Murphy should be the one playing everyday if that is the case, for the sake of his value.

    Agreed Sizemore should come up, more versatile than Canzler.

    1. I'll take your word for it, Daniel...
      I had thought it was more on the 50-50 for each one. Myself, I had No idea which one I would trade and which one to keep. Every time I see them they take turns, out doing each other...meaning, I haven't seen them enough to give a true opinion, yet!

    2. I have no Idea what happened to my Gravatar!!!!?
      Maybe Daniel can enlighten me or us

  4. GRAVATARS...How many must a man have ?..ONE ?...A THOUSAND ? what is going
    to happen next, for Mr. Seven.
    Lets play guess the image ? Hmmmmmm.
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  5. For some reason, I had to change it.

  6. Ken I know nothing about what happened to your avatar, figured you did it. Did you upload it to the site or did you hot link it?

    If you hot link (use the URL) and the person you are basically stealing bandwidth from takes it off their site then you lose it.

  7. NOW !! .....That Gravatar that should fool a lot of people. The only person it may fool, is the
    current mayor of NYC. And his wife, who used to be a lesbian.
    Now Kent, is Ken ?
    So much for alter egos, and mystery sappers.

  8. Scott Sizemore...another site in the blog world, River Ave, is rejoicing that Sizemore is here.
    Is he a difference maker ?
    Who loses playing time ?...Anna ?
    What of Ryan ? Where does he fit in ?

    1. What is wrong with Johnson at 1st, Sizemore or Anna at 2nd, Solarte at 3rd and Jeter at SS. Jeter isn't an everyday player anymore, he needs plenty of rest. So Anna will get playing time. SS is not an easy position to play with gimpy wheels. He lets a few balls get through the infield as it is. As the name of the game is WIN, I, as a pitcher would want the best fielding players behind me.
      Sizemore can play 3rd also, to give Solarte a day off! Until Roberts, Ryan and Tex come back...hopefully 100%, we are stuck with what we have.

    2. Nothing wrong with that infield, that's what we are rolling with for a while.

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    1. Last I read, it says "Equal" not "Special" treatment under the law but, PC is here until someone has the backbone to stand-up and be counted.

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  11. THIS IS the dumbest thing I've seen in years !
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    1. Don't let it get you down Patrick,
      When one quits a blog and gmail you can't use the name I had to change it. Very simple, when one bothers to ask.
      Let's keep it all about baseball instead of personalities shall we?!
      If it becomes a problem, you will adjust to it, I am sure...or not, your choice!


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