Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Pineda ejected, offense nonexistent in 5-1 loss to Red Sox

Michael Pineda surrendered two earned runs in 1.2 innings and the bullpen followed him with 3 more unearned trips around the bases tonight as the Yankees dropped the middle game of this series to the Red Sox, 5-1. After getting that fifth out, Pineda was ejected for having pine tar on his neck, already the second time this season he's been caught doing so. 

Anyway, the Bombers offense couldn't do anything this evening against Red Sox starter John Lackey, scoring just once in 8 innings when Alfonso Soriano drove in a run with a sac fly. Besides that, the bats really struggled here, collecting just 8 hits while striking out 14 times to pretty much hand Boston the game. 

Still, the Pinstripes did get some solid relief in this one from Matt Thornton and Adam Warren, who threw 1.1 and 1 scoreless frames respectively. Those performances didn't affect the contest's outcome, but since they still happened I guess it wouldn't hurt to know about them.

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