Thursday, April 17, 2014

Quick Hit: What Will Boston Fans Whine About Now

The Boston Red Sox organization and players may have not made a big stink about Michael Pineda and Pine Tar Gate but their fans did, especially on Twitter. I heard many ignorant ramblings that basically said that Pineda was only good because of the pine tar and that Boston would have won had Pineda not cheated. While they are entitled to their opinion it doesn't necessarily make them right, especially when MLB players former and current are saying that pine tar does NOTHING to affect the pitches and the pitcher. You grip the ball better just like you use pine tar to grip the bat better. Anyway, I digress...

What will Boston fans complain about now after Pineda dominated the Chicago Cubs last night? The Cubs don't have the offense that Boston has, that's a given, but they are still a Major League team capable of scoring runs at any time. Oh yeah, the Yankees still have Alex Rodriguez. Carry on.

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