Sunday, April 13, 2014

Return of the Bronx Bombers?

The first 5 games of this young season seemed to have a power outage when it came to the Yankees bats.  But anytime you have small sample sizes (see Solarte and even Shane Spencer), numbers can be deceiving to what is for real.

Yesterday the Bronx Bombers made their first REAL appearance of the season belting 5 homers out of the bandbox known as Yankee Stadium.  McCann hit his first as a Yankee and then hit his second joined by fellow pinstripers Beltran, Soriano, and Johnson.  It was also the first time the Yanks had back-to-back jacks since Cano and Teixeira did it against Seattle last June.

So is this the return of the Bronx Bombers or another case of a small sample size?  My intuition tells me it's reality more than fluke.  Although this team is built for speed (they had more stolen bases than homers to start the game yesterday), they also have the ability to put the ball out.  This in my opinion coupled with consistent starting pitching with an elevated amount of strikeouts and the threat of small ball makes this team more versatile than any other NYY squad in my lifetime (since 1979).

Welcome to the New Bronx Bombers Ellsbury, Beltran, McCann, and Soriano! I suppose you could throw Roberts and Johnson into that mix as well but still to be determined.  None of these guys were Yankees at the start of July last year, but boy am I glad they are!

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