Tuesday, April 1, 2014

This Day In New York Yankees History 4/1

You know there hasn't been any Yankees history that we want to repeat on this day in Yankee history. We could talk about Jackie (Jesus) Bradley Jr. getting jerked off for four hours last year on Opening Day when he walked three times, scored twice, and robbed Robinson Cano of a hit in a 8-2 Boston Red Sox victory at Yankee Stadium. Oh and it was a big deal apparently because he was the first to wear "Jr." on the back of his jersey.

We could also talk about how the New York Mets stole away Duke Snider from the Yankees in 1963 when New York tried to get him to be the backup for Mickey Mantle before Snider went to Queens and made the All Star Game.

But we won't.

Happy Opening Day 2014!


  1. NICE GRAPHIC..with that photo of Yankee Stadium. Very nice touch.
    Glad to see NY's other team lost, and the dumb ass mayor got booed.
    Red Sox lossed also. God is smiling.

    1. Today is gonna be a good day, I have a feeling


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