Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Sabathia gives up 6 runs in first two innings as Yanks drop opener to Astros

Team "ace" CC Sabathia gave up 6 earned runs in 6 innings of work and the offense as a whole collected just two hits through their seven at-bats tonight as the Yankees again lost on opening day to the Astros, 6-2. Going into this one, I'll admit I had some really high hopes for #52, but obviously I was wrong. Apparently, nothing has changed with him. He's still terrible.

Anyway, in tonight's eighth inning the Yanks kinda rallied, putting across two runs thanks to a couple of RBI Singles from Brian McCann and Mark Teixeira. But besides that, I really can't think of any positives. I guess Vidal Nuno and Dellin Betances both throwing scoreless frames of relief was kinda cool, but still, this game was depressing. Definitely not a good way to start a championship year.


  1. CC was absolutely terrible for 2 innings, but that was also some of the worst defense I've seen in a long time. I count a lot more than 1 error. Tex threw a ball away, McCann threw a ball away, and Gardner kicked around a few. Plus, I thought Johnson was supposed to be a platoon guy. Bases loaded, Solarte on the bench, and Johnson faces a lefty? Bad game.From CC all the way through to Girardi.

  2. We lost on Opening Day 2009 also... no worries.

  3. yes Jeff but don't worry. Girardi is benching the binder for a new iPad and it did not have all the latest and the greatest information as far as splits go on it yet. That's why Johnson faces a lefty there and Solarte sits on the bench. Also why we saw some really weird shifting going on.

  4. I'm not worried. I've never seen a team win 162 games before. Plus, I'm not a fair weather fan. I love my team through good and bad.


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