Friday, May 2, 2014

Can't Predict Baseball: Knoblauch Hit With Quarters

On this day in 1923 the Washington Senators' pitcher Walter Johnson threw his amazing 100th shutout of his career against the New York Yankees. Johnson beat the Yankees 3-0 and would finish with 110 career shutouts in his 21 season major league career.

On this day in 1976 a shoving match between the Yankees Lou Piniella and the Red Sox Carlton Fisk started  after a home plate collision. The benches would clear and a brawl would ensue where Yankee third basemen Graig Nettles and Boston's pitcher Bill Lee fought so hard that Lee suffered a separated left throwing shoulder. A fight over a home plate collision would effect, and effectively end, the pitching career for Lee. Was is worth it?

On this day in 1995 Mo Vaughn and John Valentin hit grand slams in consecutive innings to account for all eight runs in a Red Sox 8-0 victory over the New York Yankees at Yankee Stadium. What is interesting is the Red Sox teammates were also teammates for the Seton Hall University baseball team.

On this day in 2001 over 40 fans were ejected from the game in the Metrodome after fans were throwing coins, plastic beer bottles, and golf balls at Yankees left fielder Chuck Knoblauch. The game was delayed 12 minutes and the game was nearly forfeited after the former Twin and current Yankee player was assaulted by the fans. The Twins would win the game 4-2.

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