Saturday, May 31, 2014

Making the case to get John Ryan Murphy more playing time

I don't know about you, but it's becoming quite apparent that Mark Teixeira is having a huge problem playing nearly every day. I also do not love the idea of Kelly Johnson playing first base, seeing as how he isn't that good a fielder at his primary position.

I know it's only happened once, but why not start McCann at first base more often? He could still work with the pitching staff, and give John Ryan Murphy ample playing time to develop. McCann wasn't tested too much in his only start at first base, but he didn't look like he could be much worse than Kelly Johnson over there.

Until the Yankees get an actual first baseman developed through the minors (I'm looking at you Greg Bird), I'd suggest just doing this for the next few years. Doesn't cost extra money, develop the young kid behind the dish, etc.

This could be a blessing in disguise for the future with Tex being out this little bit of time, you never know. Heck, maybe McCann turns into a solid first baseman over the next few years. You'd have to think they were thinking about that when they signed him to a 5 year deal.


  1. Very good synopsis Daniel! The best part makes a lot of sence, JR is very close to being ready for a full time job at catcher. One can only wonder if his hitting is for real or, not so much!
    If his hitting is around .275+ and the other numbers are in line...It makes a lot of sense!
    We could end up having Solarte, JR, and Cisco playing for us next year along with McCann playing 1st base a few times a ??????! This year, I agree, let him play when Tex is hurting.

  2. John Balas wrote this, one of our new writers that I am very excited to be working with.

    I think he is onto something. McCann will need to be at another position other than catcher more than likely in year four and five of his deal... why not get his feet wet now?

    If you can make at bats due to performance for Solarte than why not Murphy?

    1. JR and Cisco, seem to be clutch hitters and their numbers are a lot alike.

  3. My Humble Apology John, Nice work and hope to read many more!

  4. I had completely forgotten about Cervelli, even more to the point of how well Murphy has looked thus far. Maybe showcase Cervy for a few games to get a decent bullpen asset.

    1. John...
      I hate to disagree with you but, I will!
      I think we have the pitchers we need...maybe another lefty...would help!
      What about trying the monster (Dillin) as a Closer. I realize, not everyone can handle the pressure but, until one tries him out...will we ever know? He has done everything, and then some, as the #3 man.
      I should think there will be many calls for him to be put in that position! How well it would work for him, D-Rob and mostly the team, I have no idea!
      We have given up four(?) games in which the "replacement" pitchers did a very good job...only to see those coming behind them (Pitchers) or the defense give away their hard, good work!

    2. Making Dellin Betances the closer instead of the multi inning fire man severely weakens one of our strongest suits this season.. the bullpen.


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