Saturday, May 31, 2014

Robinson Cano Is Still Talking...

Robinson Cano is a Seattle Mariner and is still talking about his time with the New York Yankees. I think I speak for everyone when I say get over it, get over yourself, and earn your $240 million by hitting more home runs than your replacement who has almost triple your home runs for $500K.

Anyway, Fox Sports1 has a show called "Back of the Shop" where players sit in a Barber Shop and talk sports, life, etc. Snoop Dogg was there, so was Felix Hernandez, the Cowboys Dez Bryant, the Giants Jason Pierre Paul, and the aforementioned Cano were all on the upcoming episode and like the title says, Cano is still talking. I won't even paraphrase, here is the exact quote from Cano:

“I don’t want to say names, but I’ve played with guys that have been like, you know what, I don’t want to play today. They come in and I don’t feel good or I don’t want to come in. You need to have respect for your teammates. If you don’t want to play, just go home.”

There is 162 games in a season and the Yankees are an old team so it's not really all that surprising that some guys would want a day off. I say I don't want to go to work about every single day, even on pay day. Get over it Cano and get over yourself. You're not bigger than the game, you're not bigger than the Yankees, and you're not even that big anymore. Hit a home run in Seattle then come talk to me in New York.

See you in October. No I wont.

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