Thursday, May 29, 2014

Yankees Injury Updates: Teixeira Day-To-Day, Beltran Improving

Without the power-hitting duo of Mark Teixeira and Carlos Beltran, the Yankees' offense is likely to struggle.

The other seven men in their starting lineup, while not terrible by any means, have averaged just a .259 BA, so it's obvious to anyone watching that having a couple of 30+ home run guys in there would help out a lot.

Today, one of those two made a lot of progress in his rehab, while the other just sort of stayed neutral. 

First, the good news, as Beltran took 25 pain-free swings from each side of the plate in his continued attempt to avoid eventual elbow surgury.

As of now, he's still not exactly close to coming back, but if he's able to do the same thing tomorrow then maybe, just maybe, it'll be time to get excited. 

Now to Teixeira, the guy who didn't have such promising results.

No, Tex isn't hurt bad, but yes, the wrist inflammation that kept him out of this week's St. Louis series has been confirmed by a doctor. It won't keep him out this weekend, but still, don't be surprised if the slowly-improving Kelly Johnson ends up playing a game or two instead, something that would probably weaken the offense.

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