Sunday, June 22, 2014

Should The Yankees Try To Trade For Martin Prado?

The first time I brought up the name "Martin Prado" was in January of last season, when I was responding to a comment about letting Robinson Cano walk after the 2013 season.

I pointed out that Prado consistently hits .300 with an OBP over .350, while also stealing a decent number of bases. Of course, Martin followed up those comments by batting below those expectations, although he was still a solid player for the Diamondbacks.

This morning Mark Polishuk of MLB Trade Rumors said that Arizona would be willing to deal any player other than Paul Goldschmidt, which means Martin Prado could be on the market. If so I think the Yankees should take a look. 

While Prado's batting line so far in 2014 is not impressive (.274/.318/.377, with only 1 SB in 2 attempts), he's hit pretty well this month (.307/.338/.427). Along with having a solid bat, Martin's versatility would work well in New York, since last season he played over 200 innings at both 2B and LF, while playing almost 900 innings at 3B.

Improving in the infield may not be the Yankees most pressing need, but Yangervis Solarte's fall from grace and Brian Roberts being... well... Brian Roberts, should make Brian Cashman take a hard look at Prado.


  1. MARTIN PRADO....a target to move away from.
    A nice piece, but will do little to improve this years squad. Reset ones sights.
    The fore mentioned Brian Roberts has been solid. Solid defense, but a bit off in the hitting. So ?
    I like grit like him, over players that play at a slightly higher level.
    No need to get tide into Prado, with Robert Refsnyder making great strides.

    A heavy bat, and a quality veteran starter...should be in the cross hairs.

  2. Refsnyder has been in Triple-A for about 19 seconds and I don't think, without looking it up because I am at work and virtually everything at work is blocked, Prado is signed for that long. This wouldn't be a "block a prospect with a veteran" type signing or trade. This would be an upgrade for this year and maybe next kind of deal (when Roberts is a FA).

    Prado is primarily a third basemen anyway and can play all over the field so I would see him as a replacement, and upgrade, over Kelly Johnson at this point while Roberts is safe.

  3. Little to improve this year's squad? Seriously? Have you not seen the production, or lack thereof, from the infield? The team has gotten a batting average of .264 out of their 2B and 3B, so a guy that can hit .290+ would absolutely be good addition. Roberts? Come on! The guy is hitting .244, and I actually talked about how he could be a nice addition, but have been proven wrong.

    The only part of Prado's bat that he's not good at is power, but his career SLG of .427 is actually better than all Yankee positions other than 1B and CF this season.

    And you're not going to get that type of production out of somebody as versatile as Prado is.

  4. PRADO...followers.
    The whole point of my post was, if the Yankees are going to trade for a starter, and a bat, all the
    while with limited trading chips. Don't use them on Prado, put them where they will do the
    most good.

    1. Prado wouldn't require a Gary Sanchez, Luis Severino, or anyone a casual Yankees fan has ever heard of in the minor leagues in my opinion. Think more of a salary dump then overpaying for multiple years of team control.

      My two pennies.

    2. What Daniel said.

      I wouldn't condone trading Grade A prospects for him.

  5. Hay guys, I think you just set a new record for comments on a game (if that's what they call it) night.
    Good show!

    1. If the Yankees could hit, or win, we wouldn't be here chatting now would we :)

  6. Also it's worth mentioning that we can have a 1.00 ERA these days and still lose... we can't score. Prado doesn't solve all but he helps and doesn't require much. We're going to need more than just Cliff Lee to win this thing.

    Prado sends Solarte down in the lineup, and for a guy in a 0-103578578578 that could mean the world.

    1. PRADO....I hope you guys get your wish.
      Word is, the Giants will grab him first.
      Ian Kennedy to the Yankees ? It's floating out there...rumored.

    2. IPK as a Yankee again, no way! He is Mike Mussina part-deux. Right field fences will have to be moved back. He is a control and command pitcher and we have four of those already...they ain't doing to well are they? CC, Kuroda, Nuno and Phelps and then adding IPK making it a pat hand?
      Although, IPK could be a step up from the others.

    3. Mike Mussina was GREAT in Yankee Stadium so if he is Moose Part II, sign me up. How quickly we forget he has already pitched in Yankee Stadium and succeeded in Yankee Stadium as a better than average ground ball pitcher.

    4. Of the three young guns coming up, back a few years ago. I stated many times he had the best pure stuff. He had trouble putting hitters away and made the mistake of not being PC when he had a very bad game. I thought at the time that was one of the reasons they traded him.
      The choice of trading him over Phil or Joba was a no that time.
      I did say, he might be a step up!


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