Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Yankees Begin Signing Draft Picks Today

The New York Yankees have not yet signed first pick Jacob Lindgren but have signed a few of his fellow draftees today. In case you were wondering the Yankees have already announced plans to send Lindgren to Tampa once he signs so it seems like a formality at this point whether he will sign or not but it does make it seem unlikely he will reach the Bronx by September. If he started in Charleston, like JB Cox back in the day, then maybe but Tampa is a long way off from the Bronx.

5th Round Pick Jordan Foley will sign although nothing is official yet. The slot for his pick is $317,500.

6th Round Pick Jonathan Holder posted on Twitter that he would sign. Slot is $237,600.

11th Round Pick Matt Borens is already down in Tampa working out.

13th Round Pick Bo Thompson will sign and looks headed to Charleston.

14th Round Pick Kenny Powers Sean Carley will sign and is headed to Staten Island.

20th Round Pick Corey Holmes will also sign and also head down to Staten Island.

37th Round Pick Ryan Lindemuth will also sign and head down to Staten Island.

40th Round Pick Madison Stokes will go to South Carolina and not sign, not unexpected. Nothing wrong with taking a chance on a guy and throwing some money at him in the 40th round.

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