Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Kelly Johnson Released, Jose Pirela Called Up - In My Dream Last Night

Yesterday afternoon it was reported that the Yankees were trying to trade Kelly Johnson. Chances are, they wouldn't get much in return for Johnson, who is batting a lowly .216/.279/.392 this season. Apparently for that reason, the team has decided to make a move now rather than later and release him.

In his place the Yankees have called up Jose Pirela. Pirela was having an excellent season at AAA Scranton/Wilkes-Barre, hitting .330/.367/.464 in 224 at bats (most on the team). In case any of you feel that Jose's six errors this season could be an issue, keep in mind that Brian Roberts has the same number of errors in the same number of games.

So much for easing Jose into things, as he's already been inserted into the starting lineup (see below). I'm glad to see this, as there's no reason to keep starting Brian Roberts, who's had a pretty rough time at the plate this year too.

1. Brett Gardner - LF
2. Derek Jeter - SS *
3. Jacoby Ellsbury - CF
4. Brian McCann - C
5. Yangervis Solarte - 3B
6. Mark Teixeira - 1B
7. Carlos Beltran - DH
8. Ichiro Suzuki - RF
9. Jose Pirela - 2B

*even in my dreams I couldn't see the team moving Jeter from this spot.

I had originally started to write that the Yankees had released Brian Roberts as well as Johnson, but decided to take it back. It's not that I believe Brian will turn things around and play an important role on the team, it's that I don't believe calling up Scott Sizemore is going to help anything. Scott's hitting .258/.325/.351 against AAA pitching, so I have no reason to believe he'd be much of an upgrade... if any at all.

I also thought about releasing Soriano and calling up Almonte, but I don't see Almonte doing a whole heck of a lot in MLB either. Perhaps it's just a matter of giving the guy another chance in MLB, but I don't know.


  1. Now this is what I like to see, bring them up and play them!
    Play them before it sinks in that they are not in AAA. Good luck Jose!
    I still think Jeter must be moved down or play him much, much less!

    1. Did you see the "dream" part? I wish it were true.

  2. Yup, I sure did Bryan! They ether have to move Jeter or play him a lot less, he has been killing a lot of possible scoring chances.
    Heck, none of us are what we once were, it's not a knock, it is a reality!


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