Saturday, July 26, 2014

I'm Worried About Tanaka & Capuano Doesn't Help That

It may be time to start getting a contingency plan together for the starting rotation because the Yankees may be without Masahiro Tanaka for a very long time. The 25 year old rookie and Cy Young candidate is still feeling lingering pain in his elbow after shutting down his throwing and receiving a PPR injection. The Yankees are currently treading water with their rotation at this point and patching holes as they find them but it may be time to acquire a real candidate because every day that goes by with pain in Tanaka’s elbow is every day that we are closer to a probably Tommy John surgery.

I don’t claim to be a doctor and I did not stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night, or ever in case you were wondering, so I realize that three doctors plus Dr. James Andrews recommended rest and rehab for Tanaka but all four doctors also failed to rule out Tommy John surgery. All four in fact said that Tommy John would be needed eventually and all four doctors stated that the real telling factor would be about three weeks after the injection and the rest program when he would be reevaluated. No doctor is going to release a client to start even a throwing program while there is still pain in the elbow.

Best case scenario is three weeks was not enough of a layoff for Tanaka and he needs three more before starting his throwing program and rehab, that pushes his date back until sometime in December. I know the Yankees are riding a great streak right now but it’s against teams they should be dominating and September may be too late for New York. The Yankees need someone now if that’s the case and not only for this season but next season as well if the surgery is necessary.

I love the veteran presence that Shane Greene seems to emanate every time the rookie steps onto the mound just like the next guy. I have my doubts on Chase Whitley and him having enough gas to make the rest of the season in the rotation just like the next guy. I will also have my doubts about CC Sabathia in 2015 if he makes it all the way back just like the next guy. I don’t want to have to worry about Masahiro Tanaka or his replacement as well, I have enough on my dish.

Cashman needs to acquire someone big with team control like a David Price has. I know Price is likely a pipe dream to Yankee fans but someone the next tier down from his pedestal would be fine with me at this point. I got enough to worry about, don’t make me worry about Tanaka too. 

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