Thursday, July 3, 2014

Kevin Long Needs To Be Fired, Now!

The Yankees offense has struggled and has struggled mightily for more than one season now. Far too many times has Kevin Long been praised for making a .210 career hitter like Brendan Ryan into a .230 hitter, also see what he "did" for Mark Reynolds. Far too many times has the fact that career .280-ish hitters come to New York and struggled. Far too many times has Kevin Long opened up his mouth and trashed players past and present, see Robinson Cano, and far too many times has Long gotten away with it all. Time's up Long, time to go.

Carlos Beltran was a career .281 hitter before his 2014 season produced a .216 average to date. Brian McCann was a .273 hitter before coming to New York to become a .220 former shell of himself. Mark Teixeira hit over .300 five times before Kevin Long, none after Long and has instantly become a .250 hitter. I can keep going but you get the point here, right?

Tino Martinez is a Yankee, a former hitting coach, and more of a hitting guru then Long ever thought about being. Call Tino and make the guy Cry again by giving him a job with the club and watch the offense instantly improve.


  1. Unfortunately the Yankees are not one to go all-in when it comes to rebuilding. Instead of hitting the "reset button", they'll just try and sprinkle in a youngster every once in a while.

  2. Long should be fired. Next should be Rothchild. Chamberlain and Hughes went from phenoms to junk under him. They go elsewhere and return to their former production levels.

    1. How many left handed players have we had over the years that were .300+ hitters with power come to NY and see that nice comfortable right field fence and become pull hitters? They were power hitters and all field hitters before, that list is a long one going (For you younger fans) as far back as Jason Giambi. I mean, even Cano was getting to the point of going for the right field fence rather than his being the high Avg. hitter he was at one time.
      Perchance, it may be the hitters, not the coach at fault here!
      Not meant in anyway, to exonerate Long at all!

  3. Absolutely Rothschild should be the next to go. Girardi seems to like him though.

  4. VIVA !..LA REVOLUTION !! we go.
    Run them out on a rail. Tar & feather them !....To the gallows!
    Kevin Long....he's a dope. Send him away.
    Rothschild....he ruined Hughes & with his head ! the Island of Elba.
    Send away Anna....Solarte....Johnson.
    The manager Joe, what does he know ? Send him to the tar pits.

    United we stand ! And fading. But having fun getting there.

  5. Rothschild, Kevin Long, Brian should all go? I disagree with that approach!
    Chamberlain and Hughes;
    In the case of Joba, he was not doing or wouldn't try to do some of the things put forth by his coach nor his catcher! Everyone in baseball knew what pitch was coming at any given time. One can't throw a slider to the outside of the plate and have it go for a ball every time and expect hitters to swing at it. He wouldn't come inside with his fastball to get them off his outside corner pitches.
    Hughes and Joba had one thing in common, neither one of them respected the coach at all! Now, they have new life with new coaches and they have been doing many of the things Rothschild ask of them.
    We could do better with a new pitching coach and the same with our hitting instructor!
    As for Cashman, the guy I always wanted as GM is Showalter! I hear some of you saying, "what the hell"!
    Lest some of you forget, he worked hand in hand with Stick when they built the so called "Dynasty", and knows more about talent then most GM's in the business. IF Cashman were to stay as GM, it would behoove him to find a way to get Showalter as Asst. GM in charge of personnel or as the Manager of the team.

  6. Zelous Wheeler....." the Marcus Thames of the infield....or, the man with the iron glove."
    In 2013, while playing short stop, and third base, for various AAA teams, young Zelous
    committed 28 errors.
    Can't make this stuff up, and now he is on the big stage. But, he can hit lefties. Huh ?

  7. I am in no way a Brian Cashman apologists but at the same time I don't want him fired. He has been hindered by management since Day One and is now held back with money and acquiring talent. If anyone has to go it's the Steinbrenners.

    It's not a coincidence that (not including the Gene Michael led dynasty) Cashman was handed full control around the 2009 season when the bosses health was ailing and the Yankees won the World Series. The brothers take over, and take control, and the Yankees go back to losing.

    Not a coincidence. Cashman has screwed up, so has Billy Beane.

    1. I apologize for nobody, there are enough bad calls on all sides of the chain of command. But, when the owner of the team has a person to do the job, let him do the job or fire him.
      I said showalter is my choice to replace Cashman, only because I don't think he will come back next year...even if they offer him a contract. Every time his contract is up, he gets many offers from other owners.
      The whole industry knows how hard it is to work for the Steinbrenners! That is why the top people will not work for them, even for the money. Cashman is a mini George, in as much as he LOVES the Yankees and would want to stay and help fix things but, every time he wants to do something that cost money he has to go through Hal and Randy...two guys that think they know more about baseball then the guy George hired to run the baseball operations. He had full control until, Hal made Randy the VP in charge of the day to day operations, basicly cutting Cashman off at the knees.

  8. Patrick

    Not to be a Derek Jeter apologists but he made over 60 in a season. While I agree he was never much of a Gold Glove player with the glove because of a lack of range my point is that one can correct themselves with time and work.

    The biggest difference was Jeter was 20 and Wheeler is 27, I get that, but still. Wheeler has no business, in my opinion, playing shortstop and without looking I would venture to say a lot of his errors came there.

  9. The left field porch is enticing, sure, but you don't think Long is telling players to take advantage of it? Granted he doesn't tell them to get pull happy but still. Makes him look good for a lefty to knock 20-30 homers, even if half of them are cheapies and Yankee Stadium homers.

    1. I doubt that he would say such a thing, knowing the management brought them in to do what they already do well...hit the ball where it is pitched. As Winfield once said, "I hit for line drives and enough will go over the walls anyhow!" when asked if he tried to hit HR's. Our 3rd baseman was also of the same thought process.
      He gets payed for doing what the management whats to be done...hit for Ave and power, if one can without going HR happy.

  10. BURCH & REED....nice responses to my posts. Thoughtful, and insightful. Maybe even charming.
    Forget charming, try breath taking responses.
    Those are unique to this sight. Thanks.

    Sorry, Father Dominic....but those pricy candles do work. ( For now )

    Update: Yankees are not strongly pursuing Chase Headley.......River Ave Blues.

    "Thursday: The Yankees not strongly pursuing Headley at the moment, according to Jon Heyman. That’s the kind of thing that can change in an instant though. A few more losses and they might go knock down San Diego’s door."

    OH NO ! Run, Forrest, run !...Sorry, I meant to say......" Run, Zelous, run !

  12. Zelous 2-3 with a home run, RBI, and two runs scored (and counting)

    Don't stop now, call up more kids.

  13. DAM !....Now I must confess.
    My wife's name is Zelous.
    My first born son, is named Zelous Francis.
    My Pay Pal code name is....Zelous.
    I was only joking before, I meant to say..." Zelous, is my favorite Yankee."
    It's a start.


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