Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Michael Pineda's Rehab Assignment Begins Sunday

Reinforcements are officially on the way for the New York Yankees as Michael Pineda will begin a minor league rehab assignment this Sunday. Pineda pitched a 45 pitch simulated game today and came through it in one piece and will likely extend himself to 60-65 pitches this weekend. Manager Joe Girardi wants Pineda stretched out to around 90 pitches before coming back to the major league club. There has not been an announcement on where the rehab assignment will take place but you have to figure it is likely to either be Charleston with the Riverdogs or Tampa with the Tampa Yankees.

Using the 15-20 pitches addition every start you could conceivably state that Pineda will only make two rehab starts before joining the Yankees. That puts Pineda in the mid to late August range. A lot can happen between then and now, it could be too late by then. Either way the Yankees are going to let Pineda go all out when he does return so there is always that.


  1. 96 HOURS...til trade deadline. No one played that game, except patrick.
    Lets try again, this time 48 HOURS. Who do the Yankees trade for ?

    My dumb ass guess....Marlon Byrd & Homer Bailey. Those where my cards, in the 96 HOUR game.
    No one else has an opinion ? Bring it, boys.

    1. Marlon Byrd, maybe. No way Bailey is being traded dude.

  2. ' FAR FETCHED ELLIJAY '...still waiting to read anywhere, that the Phillies will trade Lee, and
    Hamels to the Yankees.
    Take the beers, and flush the dreams.
    Combined, they are owed $ 48, 000, 000. 00 a year.

    1. Read on MLB Trade Rumors today that the Phillies asked the Yankees for their top three prospects.

  3. I confess, I am crazed over Trade Deadline stuff, and winter signings.
    I think there will be a surprise move....not expected. And a player, or two, sold off.

    Tonight : REFSNYDER...2-4 11-32 (.344 ) last eight games.
    Why sit back, put some young spark into this dulled line-up.

    Off to the beach in the AM. Will have fingers crossed.
    Rocket, send up a flare is Cashman pulls this off !

    1. Makes you wonder why Brian Roberts was pulled early a couple nights ago and needs a "couple days rest" this close to the deadline. Especially since he is two at bats from a $250K incentive bonus.


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