Sunday, August 3, 2014

Best Rivalry in Sports, Still?

When someone mentions Red Sox and Yankees in the same sentence the word rivalry is not too far behind. Many memories fill the minds of fans as this once great rivalry was powered by thrilling fights, epic chases to the pennant and lots of money being thrown around. Today we see a Red Sox team that is fresh off a championship, and yet they are at the bottom of the division. Meanwhile, the Yankees, in Derek Jeter's final season, are struggling to stay alive in the playoff chase. Neither team is stacked with the same star power that once controlled the rivalry with their colorful personalities. Gone are the days of Pedro and Posada and here are the days of Holt and Headley. 

The rivalry has lost its luster, but those nostalgic sportswriters who cover the game everyday fail to see it. Jeter is the only member left of the Core Four and most of the roster for New York has never seen a true Red Sox/Yankee battle. It pains me to watch the rivalry as it plays out today. The aura may still resonate with the fans and throughout each respective city, but as far as I see it on the field, the rivalry is in remission. Hopefully someday we get a new crop of players to breathe new life into the rivalry but until that day we should accept the fact that it is just not the same. 


  1. I get that this post was written before tonight's game, but still, the rivalry does exist now. I mean, 8-7 when both teams are bad? That's pretty rival-ish

  2. The score isn't really what ever set the rivalry apart from any other game. It was the hatred and discontent for the other side. It was the brushing each other's players back and David Ortiz watching home runs and ejections, etc.

    This season it's been bland and boring, even if the score was 14-11. 8-7 just means both team's pitching sucked.


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