Tuesday, August 26, 2014

The August No Trade Deadline

This may come across as a bit of a rant, probably because it is a bit of a rant, but know that it was never intended to be a rant. I am happy with the winning recently, the tough at bats, the never say die attitude, the clutch pitching, and the even more clutch hitting. What I am not happy with is how Brian Cashman and company continues to sit on their hands and do nothing, nothing worth reporting on anyway.  I am calling this the August revocable waivers NO trade deadline.

Maybe I am a bit spoiled by the July 31st trading deadline that brought to the team Martin Prado, Stephen Drew, Brandon McCarthy, Chase Headley, and Chris Capuano and I can admit that but still. Prado has come along recently, Headley has been solid, McCarthy has been a totally different pitcher in pinstripes, Capuano (as much as I want to hate him for some reason) has been solid and is keeping Masahiro Tanaka’s roster spot warm, and Stephen Drew has been the Boston Red Sox version, just worse, of Stephen Drew. I find it hard to believe that the Yankees cannot find any upgrades on the trading market right now.

I really find it hard to believe that the Yankees cannot find a better hitting second baseman without sacrificing too much on the defensive side. I especially find it hard to believe when you consider we have a prospect in the minor leagues in Robert Refsnyder whose bat is making it nearly impossible NOT to call him up. I find it hard to believe that we still don’t have a real backup first baseman option, although Headley has filled in admirably recently, with Kyle Roller still sitting in Scranton. I find it hard to believe that Ichiro Suzuki is still our best option out in right field when Carlos Beltran cannot play the field due to his barking elbow. I find it hard to believe that Matt Thornton was let go and we had this prospect and that prospect’s name shoved down our throat only to STILL have Rich Hill on the roster.

I have no issue with standing pat in the rotation the next six days with David Phelps and Tanaka on their way back but not in the bullpen. Where’s Jacob Lindgren? I continue to read about so many players being put on waivers, equally as many players clearing waivers, the Yankees own players clearing waivers, and yet I don’t read about any rumors, discussions, or even failed discussions. Either Brian Cashman knows something that I don’t or he doesn’t feel the need to work for his job. I know he is supposedly "claiming everybody" but that and two bucks will get you a coke. 



    " This may come across as a bit of a rant, probably because it is a bit of a rant, but know that it was never intended to be a rant.".....Mr. Burch....8 / 26 / 14

    Yes, that one was certified.

    Just curious, whom do you have in mind, off the waiver wire ? I know your feelings regarding
    those in Scranton.
    The wire, sir. Just, the wire only.
    Ever been to Scranton ? Not for patrick.

  2. Whatever move he's going to make, he better make it soon. Correct me if I'm wrong, but if a player isn't on the 40 man roster by Sep. 1st, he isn't eligible for postseason play.

  3. Never been to Scranton, no. Think I drove past it or through it one time though.

    I don't necessarily have one particular person in mind because it's usually very vague on who is on waivers, who has cleared, etc. I just want an upgrade in the pen and at second base/right field/ bench. With Martin Prado being so interchangeable just one of the three would do.

  4. Jeff Levin you are correct sir.


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