Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Discussing a Brandon McCarthy Contract for 2015

Brandon McCarthy expressed a definite interest in returning to the Bronx in 2015 after his complete game shutout last week against the Houston Astros in Yankee Stadium. The Yankees will likely seek to bring McCarthy back in 2015 to basically give the Yankees another seasoned veteran arm in the starting rotation that will likely replace Hiroki Kuroda in the Yankees rotation after he presumably leaves or retires after 2014. What kind of contract would McCarthy command after the 1.90 ERA he has put up so far in New York?

The perfect comparison here in my opinion would be the man he was replacing in Kuroda. Obviously Kuroda has been signing one year deals for the last three seasons as he remains undecided from year to year about his future plans while McCarthy will likely look for some security in his deal. McCarthy is in the final year of a two year deal worth $18 million that he, until the trade, has not lived up to with Arizona. Kuroda is making $16 million this season after making $15 million in 2013 and $10 million in 2012.

Assuming McCarthy finishes 2014 strong, and not even to the 1.90 ERA standards the fans are beginning to expect, I believe McCarthy’s AAV will be closer to Kuroda’s 2014 salary than his 2012 salary. Mike Axisa of River Avenue Blues, great site by the way but I am sure you guys already knew that, had McCarthy making around $25 million on a two year deal after this season but I think that may be a little low. I could see McCarthy wanting at least a three year deal, he is just barely 31 years old, and at least $13-$15 million to return to New York and I could easily see the Yankees giving it to him.

While I say I could see the Yankees giving it to him that doesn’t necessarily mean that I would give it to him. His history of injuries, the shoulder kind not the freak kind, would scare me away if it went past two seasons. While I would have no issue with going as high as $15 - $16 million AAV the Yankees need to find a way to keep the years down, outright or creatively.

New York could always throw in vesting options, club options, mutual options, incentives, or whatever to make McCarthy happy but I hope the Yankees don’t fall for the two month trap and over pay once again. McCarthy has been great on the mound, off the field, on Twitter, and his wife has been a much needed addition to the Wives and Girlfriends section of the site, but New York wants a ring. That is made even harder if they have an AAV of $15 million sitting on the DL with two or three more years on his deal and another stress fracture in his throwing shoulder.

Sign the man up for 2015 and beyond, just be smart about it. 


  1. Not that I wouldn't want McCarthy back, but when is too much pitching a bad thing? With McCarthy in the fold next year, we would have Sabathia, Tanaka, McCarthy, Pineda, Nova, Green, and Phelps competing. And then Banuelos and Severino that are going to be kicking the door in next year.

  2. The Yankees are already looking at a six man rotation possibility for 2015. Also isn't that what Spring Training is for? Nova is no guarantee, especially in his first season back from Tommy John.

    I'm not saying it's the most ideal situation but you figure that out as you go. That's what we have Larry Rothschild, Gary Tuck, Joe Girardi, etc for.

  3. I am not sure CC will make it back healthy, an if he does, how good will he be? How long will he last? He is owed a lot of money, if he can't beat out the others they should work out some kind of buy out, or try and trade him. Of course going to a six man rotation it would greatly help CC, Pineda and Tanka. Nova will start the year down on the farm...I think?
    So we may have; Tanka, Pineda, McCarthy, Green, Phelps and Severino as our starting six!
    Banuelos or (maybe) Lindgren could take the place of Dellin with Dellin becoming the closer.
    That would be a fine starting rotation with a very good BP to help out! Oh, the reason I would use Man-Bam in the BP is just because he may have trouble going 7 innings a start. He has not shown the stamina needed for six or 7 innings, stuff there is no doubt he has the stuff.

    I had a thought last night, Maybe Cashman could trade D-Rob to the RSox for Rusney, as they need a closer they can count on! Just a night dream, I know, but stranger things have happened in baseball.

  4. Rusney has a no trade clause so unless he wants to come to New York it's not happening, not that it would be very likely either way.

    1. I understand all that, it was one of those crazy wishes one gets once in a while. It wouldn't surprise me to see D-Rob traded before the deadline, but then, not much surprises me anymore.
      I am worried about the trades and signings after FA starts, this year. I just don't see the need for a top end starter. We need big bats, and I don't like the idea of giving up our draft picks. I don't see why they can't bring up a few guys and see how they react to playing at the Stadium and against older and better players than they have ever played against!

  5. QUESTION : Who is this Rusney, on the Red Sox ?...it is me. right ?

    Now the Spammer is having dreams....David Robertson to Boston. For Rusney ? Who is Rusney ?
    Why don't I have dreams like the Rocket & Ellijay ?
    Mine always have sex crazed midgets, running around spanking people.

  6. Change tracks. I think it's OK.
    Not to many beach days left, for patrick. I have had an outstanding season so far.
    Tomorrow, Wednesday, 88 degrees, full sun & south winds.

    Can not script it any better. I bet half the goers, forget to wear clothing. Sorry you have to miss it.

    Another loss tonight.....Trying to avoid those. No new player movement, dam. Looking for a spark.

  7. THOMAS TWASP....As we are nearing September, I would hope he surfaces.

    "......the birds,.... he rises ! "...Hermon Melville, " Mody Dick. "

  8. Curtain coming down tonight.....JAMES ' BIG GAME SHIELDS '....not against the Yankees.
    My wife's maiden name...is Shields. She offers no comment, on James. Smart girl.

  9. TWasp is gone, light a candle and turn the page. Even if he came back he would be unlikely to replicate his greatness. Twasp sold out to life.

    While you're at the beach with the half naked to naked women tell them I said hello, hand them a Greedy Pinstripes business card.

  10. TOM TWASP & NAKED WOMEN.....no link to either.
    Thomas will return, and candles are not needed. Nice chum slick you put out there, Ellijay.
    Lets see what you haul in ?

    Beach girls, that wear no clothing. Right where my umbrella is set up. Take my word for it.

    At 8am today, I'm on the beach getting ready to set up. My eye catches a women being pulled out to deep water, while being caught in a rip tide....( a rip tide will drown you, and is created by off shore tropical depressions, coastal storms....nothing to fool with )...
    I run to her, and help her back to the shore. She was crying.
    I believe she could not swim. No one else was on that beach to help her. Imagine.

    8-2 Yankees...I'm out, so as not to jinx.

    1. Nice play Patrick, a true Irish Hero as the boss says! I hope she had clothing, er, swimsuit! LOL


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