Saturday, August 2, 2014

The Masahiro Tanaka Decision To Come Monday

As we all know Masahiro Tanaka has a slight tear in his right ulnar collateral ligament. Tanaka saw four doctors and all four doctors, including Dr. James Andrews, suggested rest and rehab over surgery for now. Tanaka received an injection in the elbow and the magic number all along has been three weeks before re-evaluating and making another decision on the elbow. That three week magic number is Monday so the Yankees should soon know the future of their 25 year old right hander.

If the Yankees get bad news I truly think they will try and add something, however marginal, to replace Chris Capuano. If the Yankees get good news and can get Tanaka back sometime in August along with Michael Pineda the pitching staff begins to look pretty good. With a healthy Pineda and Tanaka you are looking at Hiroki Kuroda, Brandon McCarthy, and Shane Greene filling out the rest of the rotation. That is a pretty gritty and tough rotation. It's not the Oakland Athletics or the Detroit Tigers but it's good enough to win the AL East.

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