Saturday, August 2, 2014

Yankees Open Game Thread 8/2 vs. Boston Red Sox

Welcome to the open thread for the afternoon game between the New York Yankees and the Boston Red Sox at Fenway Park. The Yankees will send Shane Greene to the mound to face off with the Red Sox Allen Webster. The game will be played at 4:05 pm ET and can be seen on the YES Network, Fox Sports 1, MLB TV, and can be heard on the radio with WFAN.

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It's an open thread so use the comments section and feel free to bash Mike Napoli's beard, David Ortiz watching long fly balls from home plate like he hit them 500 feet, and the rest of the Boston Red Sox. Enjoy the game Yankees family and enjoy the rest of your evening. Go Yankees!


  1. Not meant to be derogatory at all, I just don't understand!
    Maybe I am just to old and have seen to many very good, to great players, from Joe D, Whitey Ford, Yogi and the best of them all...Mickey to now. And I just don't get it! Other then being a nice guy, playing SS for the Yankees for 20 years.
    Ok, he has over 3400 hits but he is a singles hitter and pitchers have no fear of him in game winning situations, he has never been a dominant player, in the field he isn't even rated among the top 350 SS. He is a hitter playing SS below avg., he has a few Gold gloves but we all know they are given to players by popularity many times. In 20 years he has been named the best player on the Yankees 3 times, we have a player that has played for the Yankees eight years and 4 best player honors.
    I see Jeter has many good points but, the idea of him being one of the all time Great Yankee players is silly!
    I do see Jeter as one of if not the best Yankee SS we have ever had. HoF awaits him, for sure. Everyone of the Greatest Yankees were Dominant players of their time for more than 10 years or more, something Jeter has never been.
    Respect him and how he has played and what he has done...I do. HoF player, yes! 100% votes BS, not even close.
    So, other than some of (Most) the fans, Yes broadcasters, and New York Media, Jeter IS the Greatest Yankee ever.
    If they change it to The Greatest Yankee of the 21st Century, I'll buy into it...if not, then it is a shame they missed seeing some of the real Dominant Yankee players of all time and again...I just don't get it, and never will!

    1. You had the benefit of watching some very good Yankee players. Joe D, Mantle, Berra, and the list goes on and on. I was born in 76, so obviously I haven't. But thanks to modern technology, I can research players. Since Jeter is among or past Yankee legends in most stats, I can say he is one of the greatest Yankees of all time. Also, when you tear down the greatest Yankee of my generation, it tears my heart out.

    2. I know his response, he has had more at bats then all those greats.

      Shouldn't hold modern medicine against Jeter, shouldn't hold his work ethic against him either. Shouldn't hold the fact that he's not eating fried chicken and hot dogs and drinking beer every night against him either.

      What also won't get mentioned is how much harder it is to hit pitching these days. between the velocity, movement (legal movement), arsenal of pitches, specialty pitchers, fresh arms four times a game rather than the same pitcher four times a game, etc.

      It's a different era and it's a different game. Bring those greats and see if they can face the Aroldis Chapman's of the world. The cutters of the world and the sliders and such. The lefty specialists. I bet the stats would tell a different story. Not to say they still wouldn't be great, talent is talent, but they may not be as dominant as they once were.

    3. Jeff, I said I wasn't tearing down Jeter at any time nor do I intend to! Like I said; Jeter IS the Greatest Yankee of the 21st Century", what more can I say!

      Daniel I knew your answer as well! One of many things you left out, The spit ball, the cut ball, the higher mound, the double hitters, the much larger strike zone, the equipment (gloves/uniforms, field, bats, shoes etc.), the travel (by train), just to name a few!
      Pitchers; hitters like Jeter (just using him because you all know how he hits), would not come near the hits he has because the first time he stepped into the plate he would have the next pitch at his head, the same goes for Big Pappy, and the others that stride into the pitch...the pitchers said and protected; "The plate is mine!", no player doubted that twice! For most of those years there were no real helmets or all those arm guards. No warning tracks in the out fields, no padding on the walls.
      As for base-running, the spikes were up going into 2nd or 3rd at all times, there were no "Unwritten Rules"!

      As for someone like Mickey with his drinking problem, the management would have Made Him get treatment for it as they do today. As for his Osteomalitis (Sp) they have much better treatments for it today and the same for Sandy Kofax(Sp) and his arthritis in his arm.

      Bottom line is, as I pointed out; "Dominance of the time", is my way of rating a player as one of the greatest of all time, and is the same for the real historians of the game.
      One other thing to think about, IF their had not been time lost to WWII is there anyone that thinks Teddy Ballgame wouldn't have had over 4,000 hits?

    4. Impossible to judge from one generation to another. One other difference is scouting. They didn't scour the earth for talent back then. Until 1947, they didn't even allow some of the best players in the nation. Let alone the world.

    5. That is a great point as well Jeff.

    6. That is true Jeff and a good point. I also said, Dominate players of their time!
      Jeter, as much as I DO admire him as a hitter, he has never been DOMINATE, ever! His defense is not even rated in the top 350 SS, he has never been rated as the best SS in any year he has played...all-star doesn't count, it and Gold Glove are popularity awards.
      Get it straight, I am pointing out the Hype he has had over these many years starting with Joe T and then the media and broadcasters of YES on to the New York media.
      He is very very good as an offensive SS but his defense is nowhere near as good as most SS in the league.
      He is ok as a SS and his hitting at that position is above most others that have played SS other than two of them. Hall of Fame SS Rating #1 Honus Wagner, #2 A-Rod, #12 D. Jeter...Need I say more!
      Why is it everyone thinks I am trying to down play Jeter and his worth to the Yankees? I am not, I am just looking at him with very clear eyes, and they may be old but, they are never clouded by what others demand I believe, just because they say it is true doesn't make it so.
      Dominate is the key word some seem to forget, that separates the truly great players form the very, very good players.
      Not counting the #2 rated SS, we all know why...Jeter is the greatest 21 Century SS of all! He will be in the HoF, and deserves it. Would I want him on my team yes!

  2. WHEN ICHIRO....... is traded / released, and no fault of he, but it is time.

    Who is the masher that will be targeted ? Time is running out.
    A lefty crusher, or a righty monster ? Excuse my selected words.
    But, Jesus, they must have someone on the radar screen. Again, time is slipping away.

    This middle line-up has too many straw men, who are living on what they did years ago.

    1. Totally agree with you Pat. As much as I like Headley and Prado especially and as much as I think Stephen Drew is better than a .176 hitter and Beltran is better this team needs a force in the middle of the lineup.

      Problem is you rarely see those become available in August. We're in trouble, still.


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