Friday, September 19, 2014

Breaking: Jacoby Ellsbury Leaves Game w/ Hamstring Injury

Jacoby Ellsbury was hitting the ball extremely well in tonight's game against the Toronto Blue Jays as he had a double off the top of the wall and a two run home run. Ellsbury's at bat in the fourth inning did not go as well as he hit into a potential inning ending double play but legged out the ground ball as he hit into a fielder's choice. Ellsbury came up lame on the play and grabbed at his hamstring muscle.

Ellsbury was looked at by the trainer and stayed in to run the bases. Maybe, and hopefully, this is just a precautionary move for New York with nothing to play for.


  1. Icing on the cake. On a different note, just read an article that Kelly felt "disrespected" after Bautista's homerun. Stop serving up meatballs you bum! You deserve to be disrespected!

    1. I read it too, didn't feel inclined to post it. Joey Bats has shown up Yankee pitching all season long. Instead of getting disrespected by it stop pitching to the a-hole.


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