Sunday, September 28, 2014

Jeter Drives in Run in Season-Ending Win Over Red Sox

Derek Jeter hit an RBI infield single in his second and final at-bat and Michael Pineda tossed 6 1/3 innings of one-run ball today as the Yankees ended their season with a 9-5 win over the Red Sox.

Prior to that memorable top-of-the-third knock, the 3,465th of Jeter's career, the Yankees took an early lead off Boston's Clay Buchholz on an Ichiro Suzuki two-run triple, one that could very well wind up as his last big play, too.

So yeah, thanks to that, Jeter's big moment, a Mark Teixeira sac fly and a five spot off Craig Breslow in the seventh the Yanks won this contest pretty handily, a happening that was certainly assisted by the efforts of the aforementioned Pineda.

No, Pineda wasn't able to keep the Sox off the board this afternoon due to Esmil Rogers' allowing of an inherited runner to score, but since he did still strike out nine while surrendering just a trio of singles his outing was definitely a good one, as it helpfully gave New York plenty of time to pull away.


  1. THE CURTAIN.....has finally touched the floor. Good theater this season.

    Time to get ready to retool, and enter in the new Alex Rodriquez era. Our new shortstop.
    The Yankees should promo next season as.." Alex, rights the Ship. "

    1. A-Rods name will very seldom come-up, unless someone asks a question about him. He is one guy they would just like to go away! If he comes out of the gate on fire, then we will hear all the platitudes in the world. If not, "Hal, you made your bed now it's time to rethink the idea of you and the Tampa Cabal knowing more than the people you heir to run the baseball side from GM on down!

  2. WHAT DO YOU GUYS THINK ?....I Shanghai'd a posters comment from today's..River Ave Blues.

    Because I agree with him, and love his creativity, I thought you would be interested.
    He is a guy, just like us, only on another channel.

    theyankeefanatic • 11 hours ago...( From the River Ave Blues site. )..not, Yankee Fans Unite.

    If the Yankees don't think outside the box and do the unorthodox, it is unlikely they make the playoffs for as long as Teixiera, Arod, Beltran and Sabathia are all together. I fear injuries and age have finally caught up to these former stars, so I hope they cut Arod to create flexibility and upgrade the talent on their roster and request Beltran accept a trade and if he doesn't, cut him as well, from there they can be very creative.The Yankees could also request Ellsbury and McCann accept trades to a big market team like the Angels, Rangers or Dodgers maybe they could get a Matt Kemp out of the deal. It would also probably be in the Yankees best interest to use their cheap talent to make trades. They could then use their financial might to pick up international talent like Japanese pitcher Kenta Maeda, Cuban 2nd baseman Hector Olivera and corner outfielder Yasmany Tomas."

    Creativity, will flower into a 2015 winning season. That is how I feel.

  3. Someone has been smoking something other than cigarettes.....That is thinking way outside the BOX!
    Cut A-Rod and pay him $61M for sitting at home or playing for another team...not good!
    Cut Beltran or trade him...done deal, only loose $30M, if cut!!
    They forgot CC, IF he can have all this season (almost) and until spring to rest his arm, going to a 6 man rotation will help him and the rest of the staff.
    Trade McCann, not so sure on that one, unless someone comes asking!
    Ellsbury, no way do we trade him or Brett unless it is a hell of a deal.
    Picking up; Japanese pitcher Kenta Maeda, Cuban 2nd baseman Hector Olivera and corner outfielder Yasmany Tomas...can be done anyhow!
    With the departure of Jeter, Ichiro, Drew, we save about $35M.
    IF we could get a guy like Tulowitzki for less than 6 years, yes I would trade for him...back problems are a bit of a Red Flag! Pitchers we have, good players, we don't!

  4. I wish it were as easy as simply asking CC, ARod, Teix, McCann, and Ellsbury to go away. Especially considering that every one of them has a no trade clause and making mega millions. You guys forget, and so does that RAB poster, that this isn't George's team anymore.

    1. I understand all that, I had the payroll all figured out; CC $73m, A-Rod $61m+, Tex $45m, Beltran $, I don't know about this feel good math they teach now days but, in my school they would have said that makes it $209m+.
      Hal would have a fit, eating Beltrans $30m, let alone even half of all moneys owed.
      I also said picking up those FA was a "can do anyhow!" not that we should.
      The sad thing is, IF A-Rod and CC can't cut it anymore, and retrier...the insurance on them will help defray the moneys owed them. Myself, I would rather have the younger CC and A-Rod rather than anything else.

  5. Reed

    Maeda seems a bit unnecessary. Most scouts below he is a tick or two below Tanaka, not that he wouldn't be solid but I am thinking he is going to want more than Tanaka got.

    Tomas, yes. Olivera, no because it blocks Refsnyder, he is older than Tomas, and not nearly the player as Tomas. Plus we have Prado more than likely playing second base anyway.

    Tulo was a big YES until he had the same hip surgery as A Rod. That's a huge risk for a huge investment and one I am not sure I am comfortable making before July.


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