Sunday, September 28, 2014

Shutting Down Betances & Pitching Robertson Doesn't Make Sense But Will Make Dollars

It's the final day of the season and the New York Yankees aren't making the playoffs so I have a long winter ahead of me. What will I complain about and what will I rant about on the blog before the Winter Meetings and free agency start? Better get all my ranting and raving in now and this one has to do with free agency. I can understand that Dellin Betances has thrown a ton of innings this season and Joe Girardi seemingly wants to shut him down and rest him for the 2015 season. Why is the same not being done with David Robertson?

Robertson is the free agent at the end of the season and shutting him down makes sense for his arm and for the Yankees checkbook. Every save Robertson wracks up this season makes dollars and for a newly found fiscally responsible team that just doesn't make sense. D Rob has already stated that he would test the free agent market and that the time had passed for a hometown discount for the Yankees so every appearance, every strike out, and every save tacks on a few dollars on that contract he is going to sign for 2015.

It's the last day of the season so I know this is too late to be complaining about but when it's on my mind I have to put the pad to paper, well finger to keyboard but you get the point. Robertson isn't going to accept a qualifying offer he is going to want the contract of his career and the Yankees are making sure he gets it with every garbage time save he gets this season.

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