Sunday, September 28, 2014

Girardi Downplays Recent Team Meeting

Yankees' Manager Joe Girardi downplayed the team's recent meeting after yesterday's loss to the Red Sox.

The assembly, which took place prior to Thursday's walk-off W over the Orioles, is rumored to have included an angry rant by Girardi. According to a source in contact with ESPN New York, the skipper called out his players on their disappointing season in it, even attacking some for their physical status and others for not being "hungry" enough. 

"I addressed the team and told them what I expect for next year," Girardi told the YES Network. "Yeah, we're all disappointed that we didn't make the playoffs. But I addressed the team because it's easier to do it in our ballpark and because we need to be better. We have to be execute better next year."

Girardi also said that he addresses the club after every year, regardless of their record.

"I address the team after every year," he said. "Sometimes I do the night when we make it or are eliminated. I do it different ways. I chose to do it the next day and just to let them know what we expect."

Whatever he said appears to have worked that evening, with the Yankees putting together a great overall performance in the 6-5 victory. Nonetheless, since the nice effort happened on September 25 and not April 1 it's tough to think Girardi's speech didn't come too late, as Saturday's 10-4 defeat clinched for New York their worst winning percentage since 1995.

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