Saturday, October 11, 2014

2015 Yankees If I Were GM: The Infield

If I were the General Manager of the New York Yankees I think the team would have 30+ World Series championships by now but I digress. Here would be my plan if I were the GM of the Yankees.

First and foremost I would have to replace Derek Jeter in the infield and in the lineup. I have already stated that I would go hard after Hanley Ramirez for the shortstop position but I feel that this may be unrealistic. While Hanley would be nice every GM needs a backup plan and my backup plan is Martin Prado. He has played shortstop before and is still young enough, mobile enough, agile enough, etc. to play the position in my eyes. This leaves a glaring hole at second base that I would fill with Robert Refsnyder from Triple-A. Also to fill out the Yankees infield I would bring Chase Headley back on a three or four year deal, whatever gets it done. Of course I want to see a Pinstriped Panda in Pablo Sandoval but I cannot see him leaving the West Coast.

This leaves you with an infield of Mark Teixeira at first base, Refsnyder at second, Prado at short, Headley at third, Alex Rodriguez as your DH, and Brian McCann as your catcher. On the bench you have Headley as a capable backup for first base while Rodriguez gets his turn at third base and you have Brendan Ryan as a capable backup at any of the infield positions. I would also re-sign Jose Pirela for a bench role also since he can play multiple infield and out positions.

This infield gives you a ton of options offensively and defensively allowing everyone to get playing time while still staying fresh. I also think with Refsnyder’s bat that the team gets an incremental increase in productivity from last season’s infield. A full season of Prado and Prado Jr. (Pirela) gives this team an absolute ton of options for manager Joe Girardi, options that a veteran and injury prone team needs during the 162 game marathon. 


  1. I don't know. Prado has less than 100 innings at SS in his 9 year career. He could probably do it, but I wouldn't lean on him there going into the season.

    They'll probably bring Drew back, and I'm cool with that. Give him a real Spring Training and I think he'll be ok.

    I wouldn't be surprised if Prado went to third, and they passed on Headley. One of the kids at 2B.

    This team is a mess as far as positions, which is thanks to both ARod and Beltran being more like DHs than fielder's.

    1. I def. put offense over defense here. I figured with an above average third baseman in Headley and young fresh legs in Refsnyder they could cheat a step or two in each direction to help Prado out defensively.

    2. Headley plays 3rd base his way and will not cover-up for anyone. He didn't do it for Jeter and he won't do it for Prado.
      Besides, he will go where he can play every day, not as a backup at 3rd and guess anyhow!

      From what I have seen of Prado, he will do fine! He has very quick feet and has learned his lessons well at all four spots. The footwork gets most players, the routes to the ball at each position are very different, needing different footwork and approach. In school and in the lower minors one can get away on just talent, but, once one hits AA on up, it shows up quick!

      We have two big IF's here; Will Beltran come to spring training in shape and ready to earn his money, or not? If A-Rods hips limit his playing 3rd, then he sure ain't gone be any use to us at the plate. With a hitter if the hips are not fluid enough in the field it will be....well, let's just say un-A-Rod type of hitting.

    I thought retooling this team, was going to be easy. It will not be so.

    This current squad is so bound up, with so many crazed contracts to injured, older low end players, and players that can not figure out the shift, that there will be no light at the end of the tunnel
    this off season.

    Read what you guys write here....You are moving the same inept characters around for 2015, that
    had trouble scoring two runs a game in 2014. Bring Drew back ? Why not Solarte, or Anna ?
    They do not need a full house cleaning, but a good shake up. It can not happen.

    Somewhere ....when all is said, and done....with all this same player maneuvering around, they
    may find a position open. Will filling that, with a non-difference making player, solve anything ?

    This is like swimming through seaweed. You are stuck. Going five feet, will be a major task.
    Even calling O'hara's Rooter service, will not break up this pipe blockage.

    Bringing back Drew, moving Prado, Tex, Ryan, Gardner,Young, and now the enigma...Alex.
    Same cast, same results. It's all vanilla.
    Next season can easily be a rerun of this sour showing.

    I was wrong, to assume it would be easy. If not, show me the way.

    I always knew it was Mick Kellerher's fault.

    1. Nah, you got it all wrong here, Patrick! We have some great players on this team. Bringing up two players from the farm and adding them to the other holdovers, is just what we need.They will bring in a new hitting coach, so that will fix the hitting! Replacing the 1st base coach, which will take care of the many baserunning problems!
      Of course, this presupposes it wasn't the players fault for not paying attention to the game. Yup, we are on the right track alright!
      Actually, I think Refny, Pirela, Prado and Headley are just what this team needs next year. It's a good start anyhow. All four of them have a bit of pop to their bats, add a healthy Beltran, A-Rod and with McCann figuring it out at the end of the year...that's not too bad a team! Sure, we could use another heavy hitter or two but will we and what good is there in having another guy that gives up a run for every HR he hits. NO GLOVE NO Place for you on this team!

  3. MR. REED...I can't argue with your spirit. I guess I'm at the dark end of the street.
    There is so much to be done. Take care.


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