Saturday, October 11, 2014

Asdrubel Cabrera Would Be Willing to Play Second Base Next Year

Nationals' Switch Hitter Asdrubel Cabrera said that he'd be fine with playing second base next year if it meant he'd have a better chance of winning.

Cabrera, who was traded from the Indians to Washington July 31, is a lifelong shortstop, and could be a Yankees target this winter for either position. In his career, which began in 2007, he has batted .268 with 87 home runs and 451 RBIs, also appearing in two All-Star games during that time.

"I mean, I don't know," Cabrera recently told MASN. "It depends. A team like (the Nationals), a good team that want me to play second, I would love to stay here. I just want to win. I've got eight seasons already. I want to be in the World Series one day."

Cabrera said he'd like to stay with Washington, but that whether or he does so isn't up to him.

"I would love to stay here," he said. "A lot of good guys. A good team. I would love to stay here. But it's not my decision."

If Cabrera ends up leaving the capital for the Yankees this offseason, it's not known exactly what they'd do with him. As things stand, New York has seemingly unlimited options for each of their 2015 infield spots, with the futures of Alex Rodriguez, Chase Headley, Stephen Drew and Martin Prado all somehow being mysteries at this point.

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